PHOTOS: Obama’s magnificent, new custom-designed home in Martha’s Vineyard (READ the property listing)

Photos courtesy of: LandVest | Martha’s Vineyard

Multiple reports say former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle are the new owners of a breathtaking Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts custom-designed mansion and waterfront estate.

The sellers were reportedly Boston Celtics owner Wycliffe Grousbeck and his ex-wife. The price put on the secluded, luxury property is said to be $11.75 million.

There’s plenty of room for family and other visitors. The listing for the property says it includes seven bedrooms and eight-and-a-half bathrooms.

Other features listed include:

  • Waterfront Property Sits on 29 +/- Private Acres
  • Located on Edgartown Great Pond
  • Stunning, Custom-Designed Home with 7,000 Sq. Ft. of Living Space
  • Swimming Pool
  • Jacuzzi Located off 2nd Floor Balcony, with Breathtaking Water Views
  • Outdoor Fireplace Plus Screened Porch with Fireplace
  • 2-Car Garage
  • Pristine Boathouse
  • Private Beach front with Deeded Rights

Read the real estate listing by clicking the link below:

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19 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Obama’s magnificent, new custom-designed home in Martha’s Vineyard (READ the property listing)”

  1. Hmmm! Wonder if they got a 1st time Home Buyers Loan?
    I don’t begrudge anyone gaining wealth, just let the rest of gain wealth AND keep it!!

    1. Did Obumer once say something like “At some point you don’t need any more money”.

      I guess it all depends on the meaning of enough is.

  2. So what do we learn from this? What I learned is that Barack Obama made decent pay before winning the White House, then built his economic platform of making the rich pay their fair share, chastising the rich for their wealth and greed, and then becoming the very thing that he supposedly despised. There is no bigger hypocrite or phony American President then he was. His speeches were merely lip service.

    1. You only need two cars when you have others driving you around. You know our secret service will forever be at their beck and call.

  3. It’s a world only Peter Pan can imagine….. Remember we only get this one life and no one is getting out of here alive. I guess in that respect we are all equal. Nice house……

  4. Obama came to Chicago penniless, hooked up with Jesse Jackson, took the tranny intended for Jesse Jr, stole all he could along the way. Signed on to George Soros, became illegal POTUS, and then all hell broke loose. He went rogue on his party and his handlers, instead taking all available $ from the world of radical islam and the United Nations (in many ways, one and the same). Now as ex-POTUS, he continues to manipulate his faithful within the Deep State and to meddle in the affairs of the proper United States Government. He is guilty of violating the Logan Act if nothing else. All this investigative power weilded by Pelosi and Schiff needs to be pointed straight at him. Barack Obama: taking dirty Chicago democrats to a totally new level (down, down, down).

  5. All this on a President salary? Come on I’m old but not stupid as some of this if not all was a kick back from Iran for the pallets of money he slipped to them and never told Congress. The Devilrats are impeaching the honest man but let the crooked assed one go. Justice? No damn way dude.

  6. I’d say that house looks to be about 5 feet above sea level , I guess they are not too concerned about the coming Global catastrophe .

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