POLL: Most disagree with raising age to purchase tobacco to 21

The majority of respondents in the latest unscientific poll at SharylAttkisson.com disagree with the Trump administration’s decision to raise raise the age to purchase tobacco in the U.S. to 21.

Sixty-eight percent (68%) disagree with raising the minimum purchase age to 21.

Twenty-three percent (23%) agree with raising it.

Nine percent (9%) responded that were unsure or didn’t care.

Do you agree with raising age to purchase tobacco to 21?

23% Yes

68% No

9% Not sure/don’t care

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7 thoughts on “POLL: Most disagree with raising age to purchase tobacco to 21”

  1. I’ve Never smoked… But How can the government justify teens Not being mature enough to make a decision whether to smoke or not but then say that they ARE mature enough to choose to have an abortion or gender surgery or to participate in voting for our elected officials?

  2. If you are old enough to be drafted, rushed through basic training, sent off to war and risk getting your lungs filled with lead by enemy gunfire, like many millions verifiably have, then you should be able to try smoking. drinking, hookers and a good meal before it can happen to you tomorrow.

    After being drafted the military usually treats the young men to what? Beer, smokes, women. Why? Because they might die. Average age of soldiers in Vietnam was 19. No expericence or training until drafted. Some never had a drink, smoke or “companionship” before being drafted and got killed.

    Furthermore, tobacco used to NOT kill people. Before it was mass produced and carcinogenic preservatives added NOBODY got lung cancer from smoking tobacco. Ask a native American. Ask a tobacconist (if you can find one). It’s the unnatural crap that gives you cancer. Not the natural leaf from the ground. Assuming your seeds are not GMO frankenstein carcinogenous monsanto crap.

    Lastly, just because a draft is not officially in effect today, doesn’t mean it won’t be reinstated tomorrow for reasons legitimate or otherwise. Low numbers or terror attacks usually trigger drafts. And many stories of terror attacks have been proven to be staged or false flag events.

    We should be more concerned about usury, secrecy and nepotism from the secret societies hiding behind religion, charity, philanthropy, faith based and global businesses and the 501c3 LBGxyz?? takeover of Christianity in America. The preists and clergy are beholden after, if not before, to the globalists agenda after they take that money and it’s nearly impossible to get off the govt dole after that and in some cases (non published) the govt will sue the church for being “anti bltsdxzy??” Yes. It happens. You just don’t hear about it accept from people like me who saw it happen in their own home town and left it while defending heterosexuality.

    God bless.

  3. I smoked cigarettes for over 50 years (still do) and have developed breathing problems. My own fault. However, I think tobacco should be made illegal. That might get me to quit before I die.

  4. I’m glad that there are some fair minded people. 18 year olds are adults. Period. Why?

    1. If you’re a male, you must register for selective service at age 18. Outside of that, you main voluntarily sign up to be in the military. “Children” can’t do this.

    2. 18 year olds can vote for our elected officials
    3. They can get married without parental permission
    4. They can consent or refuse medical treatment without parental interference
    5. They can take out bank and school loans that drown them in debt.
    6. They can serve on a jury
    7. They can sign a legally binding contract
    8. They can drive a car
    9. They can gamble (lottery, bingo, casinos)
    10. They’re able to be charged as an adult, not a juvenile for crimes. They can be sentenced to death or sent to federal prison.
    11. They can change their legal birth name
    12. They can legally consent to sexual activity
    13. They can file a lawsuit and sue and be sued and held liable for contracts or agreements they make.
    14. They can buy and own property. (I.e buying a house or car in their own name)
    15. Get a tattoo or piercing without consent
    16. They have the right to leave home and be completely independent of their parents. Their parents don’t have to support them. They can treat their child as a stranger.
    17. They can run for some public office positions
    18. They can get a credit card.
    19. They can buy or trade on the stock market.
    There’s probably more than this. My point is that we entrust 18 year olds to do these things because society has chosen an age of majority of 18. If people under 21 can’t be trusted to make decisions about their own health habits, why are they allowed to do the adult activities listed? Lower the drinking and smoking age to 18 and let’s stop treating them like children.

  5. Also, why are 18 year olds (in most states and according to federal law), allowed to buy a rifle, shotgun, and possess (but not buy) a handgun before they can legally buy a cigarette or order a glass of wine at dinner?

    Why are they allowed to be exploited by the porn industry also?

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