POLL: Most people say no declared Democrat likely to get nomination

One-third of respondents say they don’t think any declared Democrat is likely to win the eventual nomination for president.

That’s according to the latest unscientific poll at SharylAttkisson.com.

Thirty-three percent (33%) said “someone else” is most like to get the nomination.

Nearly as many said they think Biden will be the nominee.

Which of the listed Ds do you think is most likely to get nomination?

28% Biden

10% Bloomberg

7% Buttigieg

<1% Booker

12% Warren

6% Gabbard

3% Sanders

33% Someone else

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15 thoughts on “POLL: Most people say no declared Democrat likely to get nomination”

    1. Assuming this to be a way of saying that Sharyl is not reporting accurately, maybe you could point to an instance where she went wrong.

    2. Thanks Sharyl for your great efforts in getting us unbiased news . We love watching your show on Sunday morning . I enjoy your articles and poles

  1. The USA is where Russia was in 1917. This is the Communist Revolution, Part II. If any one of the various Bolsheviks running for the presidency wins, the main export of the USA will be expatriates.

    Emigration or civil war: hard choice.

  2. President #Trump should not be impeached he has done nothing wrong the Democrats are chasing shadows I am not American but I am very Pro American I think a lot of America American people society also I have never been but love to.

  3. Well, I disagree with that statement simply because the DNC “has” to nominate someone. Unfortunately, it will probably be feel ’em up Joe. Trump will remain victorious! And to watch/witness the liberal meltdown ensuing the election landslide will be a show unto itself, break out the popcorn!!

    Larry Meredith, Independent Insurance Advisor! Running the country is a BUSINESS, not a litigation center!!

  4. “Thirty-three percent (33%) said “someone else” is most like to get the nomination.”
    Yeah, that “someone else” will be a 33 degree secret society member who will play the NWO game. I wish folks would wake up to the symbols hidden in plain sight.

  5. Pelosi should not go ahead with impeachment but I desperately want her to. I want to get some popcorn and watch the Democrats get destroyed in the Senate trial. They deserve to be exposed for the hateful liars that they are and Trump deserves to be able to irrefutably be exonerated. That would be the best of both worlds.

  6. Can you find out what how DNC decided what polling co’s count i haven’t been able to find this info many people are very skeptical if this process is on up and up. For instance there is so much bias media bias toward Yang and Tulsi. For instance they were showing on msnbc and cnn Tulsi was showing in state of NH she was 4 th at 6 percent but since she got up to that 4 th they quit showing the NH polls altogether and 65 years old I have never seen anything this bias they don’t even in there adds about candidates even show Yang and Tulsi . I fear Hillary Clinton has more control of this then should happen in US. Because no media has tried to shut Russian asset comment down. Appreciate if you could cover this. Thank you

  7. At this point the DNC should just put a ‘for sale’ sign at an empty podium or out front of their HQ. If Bloomberg can just walk in an (possibly) buy the nomination for $40 million worth of anti-trump adds that makes a statement most intelligent adults can comprehend. For the record, as a native New Yorker, Bloomberg’s administration was horrible for NYC, he is a poser and a two-faced liar.

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