The popular uprising against establishment politicians

I recently crossed Europe looking for comments and information about what’s called “populism.” I found there’s no commonly-accepted definition. But I would say it describes the popular uprising of voters against establishment politicians, left or right, whom voters feel aren’t listening to them.

Experts say establishment politicians’ failure to address illegal immigration and refugee concerns is what sparked populism.

The trend is credited (or blamed) for getting President Trump elected, and similar elections have happened in many places throughout the world. Populism is also said to be behind the election of Great Britain’s newest prime minister, as well as the British vote to exit the European Union after the uncontrolled influx of mostly-Muslim refugees in 2015 and subsequent financial strain and Islamic extremist terrorist attacks.

Populism is upending the traditional two-party system in Great Britain and having an impact on establishment politics globally. Watch us for a no-spin examination of populism.

Also Sunday: as we await Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report on the government’s alleged surveillance abuse, spying on citizens and political opponents (the Trump campaign), we’ll revisit part of an interview I conducted with the man at the center of it all: Carter Page.

Former Trump adviser Carter Page

Understandably, many establishment figures in media and politics see populism as a negative trend; others see it as positive. You’ll hear all sides Sunday in our cover story on Full Measure.

We’ll have a Follow the Money look at ongoing waste in our taxpayer-funded efforts to help Afghanistan.

And I’ll take you deep underground to a tunnel crossing from Mexico into Arizona. Smugglers used it for years to move people and drugs into the U.S.

See you Sunday!

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4 thoughts on “The popular uprising against establishment politicians”

  1. Actually populism shows politicians that they are supposed to work for the People, the government is the People and not the other way around.

  2. I haven’t listen to this weeks pod cast, last weeks were very enjoyable. I can’t wait to find out why it’s necessary to label these events as populist. That makes me feel as if a new group of young people have entered the conversation. It seems to me that it’s more of an awakening. Keep up the good work.

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