Amazing! A real “Vulcan mind meld”

An international team of researchers has created a device they say can convey simple messages over long distances via brain-to-brain transmissions. That’s according to an article in

Yes, that’s brain-to-brain communications….without words, body language, or writing. It’s not exactly like “Spock’s” Vulcan “mind meld” in the TV series Star Trek. That’s where he was able to place his hands on a person’s temple and learn what the person was thinking. But it’s pretty close!

The device is placed on the users’ scalps, detects and transmits certain brain activity, then encodes and sends the activity to the receiving subject, according to the story.

The “mind meld” was tested on two subjects 5000 miles apart; the story reports that some simple communications were “over 90% accurate.”

Scientists say they hope the technology could be used in the future to help patients who are aware, but unable to speak due to disease or injury.

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