Church shotgun shooter said he was “battling a demon”

Police have identified the man who shot and killed two people at a church on Sunday as Keith Kinnunen, a reportedly disturbed, homeless man with a lengthy criminal record.

NBC 5 in Dallas-Ft. Worth reports Kinnunen had been previously arrested for alleged assault, theft, arson and possession of an illegal weapon in Texas, Oklahoma and New Jersey.

Authorities say he was wearing a wig and fake beard when he began firing with a shotgun inside a Texas church killing a deacon and another member of the congregation.

Church members had reportedly helped Kinnunen in the past. He had told police that he was homeless.

Kinnunen’s ex-wife told reporters that Kinnunen was addicted to drugs and out of touch with reality.

We knew he was crazy but not like this. I don’t wish this on anybody. I feel sorry for the victims. I really do…he said he was battling a demon.

Angela Holloway Kinnunen’s ex-wife, to 5 NBC News

Angela Holloway was reportedly married to Kinnunen for eight years, divorcing him in 2010. After their divorce, she filed for a protective order calling Kinnunen “violent” and “paranoid.” After Kinnunen began shooting Sunday, he was shot and killed by an armed member of the church congregation.

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5 thoughts on “Church shotgun shooter said he was “battling a demon””

  1. Man walks into a Church with a devil, why did he not walk out of that Church without the devil? Why was he not (with his fake hair and beard) forbidden entry and contained before he got inside?

  2. That was great shooting, but I read that this guy had already made threats, and the security team recognized him when he entered. So we know the shooter was a nut, but I have to wonder what the thought process was that allowed this guy onto the premises in a ridiculous disguise, acting suspicious.
    I read the security team was trained to shoot, but based on their actions, apparently not trained to think or to interdict.
    Maybe they were afraid to wand him or prevent him from entering cause they’d get sued, or ostracized by the pious parishioners. Hey, how about Oope Commie’s temper tantrums? The World needs an order of protection from him.

  3. Battling and losing, the forces of darkness are real.
    This man opened the door with drug abuse.

    Pray for him and our Republic in 2020.
    God bless everyone and Sharyl and family in her journalistic efforts.

  4. We are failing our mentally ill and things will only get worse until we bring back facilities to keep them away from hurting themselves and others. It is almost impossible nowadays to get someone help even when it’s clear they are dangerous. More people will be hurt until this changes.

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