Fmr. FBI Unit Chief confirms govt. computer intrusion against Attkisson

  • Attorney and former FBI Unit Chief Les Szwajkowski confirms he facilitated forensic exam that revealed government surveillance spyware in Attkisson’s computer

As part of a new lawsuit, Attkisson v. Rosenstein, former FBI Unit Chief Les Szwajkowski has signed a sworn Affidavit confirming the government intrusion into journalist Sharyl Attkisson’s computers.

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Szwajkowski headed up the FBI’s Electronic Surveillance Technology section. He was integral in implementing a law expanding the FBI’s wiretapping capabilities.

According to Szwajkowski, a colleague first contacted him in Fall 2012 to ask for assistance in getting Attkisson’s CBS computer analyzed for possible anomalies. Szwajkowski says he met Attkisson in January 2013 and had her computer examined by a confidential source: a forensic specialist trained in spyware detection. This specialist reportedly had access to information about government intrusion tools and technology.

The specialist quickly identified spyware proprietary to the federal government in Attkisson’s computer, according to Szwajkowski. He advised Attkisson that he and his intel associates were “shocked” that the government had used covert surveillance on a national journalist and he said they thought it was “outrageous.”

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Szwajkowski says he reported to Attkisson that the analysis showed clear evidence that her computer was infiltrated with government spyware proprietary to the CIA, FBI or National Security Agency (NSA). Forensics indicated the particular intrusion uncovered by the analysis was accomplished through software attached to an otherwise innocuous email sent to Attkisson in February 2012.

The government intrusion of Attkisson’s computer was “redone” in July 2012 though use of a BGAN satellite terminal and “refreshed” at a later date using WiFi within a Ritz-Carlton hotel. The unauthorized programs were running constantly on Attkisson’s CBS laptop and included a keystroke program that monitored everything typed on the computer, every site visited, and remotely accessed the computer’s screen view.

Les Szwajkowski, former FBI Unit Chief, Affidavit in Attkisson v. Rosenstein, et. al.

Attkisson is suing former U.S. Attorney Rod Rosenstein for allegedly ordering the illegal surveillance on her and her family without going through the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court. She is also suing four former government agents allegedly implicated in the scheme. Numerous other Americans were also reportedly targeted by a unit run under Rosenstein out of the U.S. Attorney’s office in Baltimore, Maryland.

Read the full Affidavit by Leslie Szwajkowski below. Read more on the Attkisson lawsuits by clicking here.

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  1. I was denied the opportunity to reply to a “Washington Post” article on U.S. Gov’t.’s egregious and repeated violation of Sharyl’s 4th amendment rights and their stonewalling Congress’ requests to forward information to Sen Johnson’s committee. The POST”S site required a scheme to force my signing up for their newsletter BEFORE they provided access to their article. My responses were not allowed, protesting their requirement for “sign up” to access their article. Their unethical business manner again exposes the bias of the media in general and “The Post” specifically.

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