Iowa caucuses, illegal immigration and a Holocaust mystery

Democrat presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg: a young face and relative newcomer

The candidates who win the Iowa caucuses don’t necessarily win the nomination or the presidency. But it’s the first vote of the 2020 campaign and will give a few lucky winners bragging rights and momentum.

Sunday on Full Measure, Scott Thuman will be back from a week in Iowa where he’s been spending a little extra time with the relative newcomers who have not done the Iowa routine before.

Also this week, I’m back at the Southern U.S. border with Mexico where an Arizona county that was overrun with drugs from Mexican cartels has found an amazingly effective solution.

On patrol along the Arizona Mexico border

The answer cost very little money, didn’t require federal help, and has nearly eliminated their drug trafficking epidemic.

And James Rosen will be with us to unravel a Holocaust mystery.

James Rosen in an appearance on Full Measure

Did the U.S. collaborate with a Nazi war criminal to help fake his death… and if so– why?

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