POLL: Most believe Epstein murdered

Only 21% of those polled in a recent Rasmussen Reports poll said it was likely that Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide while in jail, while 52% said it is more likely that he was murdered to protect powerful people.

Twenty-seven percent (27%) were undecided which was more likely.

Epstein became a registered sex offender following his 2008 conviction of a sex crime in Florida. He was awaiting trial on federal sexual trafficking charges after being arrested in July last year. He was denied bail on the federal charges and found dead in his cell on August 10.

Epstein was friendly with many famous and prominent celebrities and political figures, most notably Former President Bill Clinton.

Click on the link below to read the Rasmussen Report poll:


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4 thoughts on “POLL: Most believe Epstein murdered”

  1. Here is the question Rasmussen asked:
    “Which is more likely that Jeffrey Epstein actually committed suicide while in jail or he was murdered to prevent him from testifying against powerful people with whom he associated?”

    If I got asked that question, based on all that I read when the story first broke, I would respond: This is a false paradigm. What proof do we have that Jeffrey Epstein is the one who received the autopsy?

    The body on the gurney we were allowed to see in photos had his face uncovered, huge earlobes with convolutions that don’t match at all with any of Epstein’s photos in happier days. Not to mention the witnesses who saw Epstein being wheeled out in a wheelchair upright and alive while the John Doe was wheeled out on the gurney.

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