POLL: Most people say U.S. troops should leave Iraq

The Iraqi parliament recently voted to expel all U.S. troops from Iraq. The majority of respondents in the latest unscientific poll at SharylAttkisson.com agree our troops should exit Iraq.

Sixty-one percent (61%) of respondents say we should bring our troops home. Twenty-three percent (23%) said that we should not leave.

Iraqi parliament voted to expel U.S. Should we go?

61% Yes

23% No

16% I don’t know/unsure

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4 thoughts on “POLL: Most people say U.S. troops should leave Iraq”

  1. I love that this is here. Like a little island of freedom in the internet of control deceit and filth. I hope people don’t ruin it. Thank You for honest journalism.

  2. Greetings Sharon,
    Having read both your books along with many other about the media and having spent ten years in the broadcast media myself (in radio, not TV) I have undertaken a responding role to the some of the leftist questions on a website called QUORA. A link to one of my responses is below. I have recommended your website there on numerous occasions, hope you don’t mind. If you do I will immediately cease.
    Your work on exposing the effect that political ideology=bias=misinformation is one of the reasons more people are intellectually stirring. I merely am trying to add to that number in my own way.
    FYI, between 1995-2000 I published an alternative news magazine called The PROBE. I dealt with many relevant mainstream topics the MSM (mainstream media) simply refused to look into. Most of my inside sources are now deceased, but that’s another story. One of them did have a higher position in covert ops with one of the intelligence agencies and later converted to becoming part of the contingent responsible for creating funding for operations that would have likely not been approved by Congress. More on all that later if you like. My email is below. If you would ever like to talk, I do have contacts in other parts of the world too. I will send phone number if you email me directly. Thanks for your time. Link below to recent response on QUORA, I believe I’m around 21,000 plus reads on the few responses I’ve submitted so far. The name Alex Bond is obviously not my real one.


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