Teens attack mom of bullied student outside California high school

Maria Jiminez and Eder Rojas, went to their daughter’s high school to discuss their daughter being bullied by two other teenage girls, and were attacked by the girls accused of bullying their daughter before they could even enter the door of the high school, according to a report on ABC13.com.

The two teens punched, kicked, and dragged Maria Jiminez, breaking her nose. Eder Rojas, the bullied girls’ father, says he tried to pull the teens off of his wife and daughter, who was also attacked in the incident, according to ABC13.com.

One of the teens has been arrested and charged with battery with serious bodily injury. Jiminez spent two days in the hospital recovering from the attack. She had a baby just four months prior to the attack. The school is still investigating the incident, according to ABC13.com.

Watch the video at ABC13.com by clicking the link below


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5 thoughts on “Teens attack mom of bullied student outside California high school”

  1. hate to bring this up but – unless the news report specifies the ethnicity of the “teenager attackers” – it generally translates to “Black Teenagers” – because if it was a white student attacking a parent or black/hispanic student – headline would clearly read:

  2. Californians are reaping the fruits of their labors. They were warned repeatedly that their laws were folly but they ignored and even denigrated those who warned them.
    I cannot feel sorry for them.

    They have created a crap sandwich and now are upset that they all have to take a bite.
    . Bon Appetite, California!

  3. Ms. Attkisson,,
    Have followed your reporting since you left CBS, and I receive your emails.. You are a national treasure. Heard you last night on Jim Bohannon’s show, and you sounded a little discouraged. Please know so many of us are behind your efforts to expose corruption in the government. You are a hero to those of us who don’t have the strength, resources, or knowledge to do what you do. I understand a bit about what you’re up against but my own struggles are not the object of this letter. Keep your head up kiddo………..as impossible as it seems David slew Goliath

  4. Ms. Attkisson, we so need good, objective journalists like you. Why are there so few of you? We applaud your hard work and your honest reporting. Please know that your efforts to present us with the truth are appreciated.

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