The state of the Washington D.C. swamp

The Swamp

For the past couple of years, I’ve interviewed members of both parties about the Washington DC swamp. President Trump promised to drain it. Some Democrats and Republicans have tried to expose it.

Sunday on Full Measure, we get a State of the Swamp report from a Congressman who literally wrote the book on the whole scandal: Ken Buck. Has anything changed? What’s the future of The Swamp?

Lisa Fletcher will have the fascinating story -behind-the-story of the California wildfires. As if the Golden State doesn’t have enough problems, they’re now looking at the prospect of forced blackouts off and on for the next decade. What does a big utility company have to do with the wildfires? And why are some critics blaming the company for negligence?

And of the biggest energy challenges of our time is how to produce more power in a way that’s considered cleaner for the environment.  We’re off to London to interview one expert who says the answer to global warming is– going nuclear.

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5 thoughts on “The state of the Washington D.C. swamp”

  1. My only complaint is that your segments are too brief ….. your topics are all incredibly relevant and informative but I feel like they could be even more in -depth..

    I’ve been watching Jan Jekielek interviews – just the in depth length is such a treat these days. Made me think I’d love to see you doing more of that too. Maybe. 2 lengthier segments each week as opposed to. 3 shorter.

    This is definitely a compliment, not a criticism. I love your work!

  2. I prefer your brief articles, Ms. Attkisson.. You cut right to the meat of the subject and spare your readers unnecessary trivia. Most of us have little time to engage in lengthy articles. Thank you for your honest, objective journalism.

  3. The answer to “global warming” is awareness–that “global warming” is a hoax. However, you and your reporters are correct in saying that the answer to the world’s energy needs is nuclear power. The idiots who convinced the US to abandon nuclear power 40 years ago are also the same liars who are pushing the “climate-change” hoax today. When the world gets its head on straight and sees these lies for what they are, we’ll dismiss them and develop clean, safe nuclear power like we should have done a generation ago.

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