Massachusetts considers eliminating religious exemptions to vaccinations

The Massachusetts state legislature is considering removing vaccine religious exemptions. That’s according to Vera Sharav and Dr. Meryl Nass of the pro-vaccine safety Alliance for Human Research Protection.

If vaccine religious exemptions are removed, many Massachusetts children would not be allowed to “opt out” of the childhood vaccination schedule on religious grounds.

Dr. Nass argues that the proposed Massachusetts legislation is part of a carefully orchestrated effort by the pharmaceutical industry to rid the world of vaccine exemptions:

The pharmaceutical industry has undertaken a very ambitious campaign to legislate away vaccine exemptions in the United States and Canada.  France, Italy and Germany have rescinded vaccine exemptions too, suggesting the campaign is worldwide.

Excerpt of Dr. Nash’s testimony to the Massachusetts legislature

Dr. Nass cites statistics that refute what she describes as big Pharma’s propaganda about vaccines. First and foremost, she states that there is “no crisis (no epidemics of deaths or disabilities) from infectious diseases caused by unvaccinated children, either in Massachusetts or the United States.”

Dr. Nass points to conflicts of interest with the pharmaceutical industry’s ties to and influence on government regulators, opinion leaders, medical journals, the mass media, and lawmakers.

The elephant in the auditorium today is Pharma profits.  Dare I say out loud that our children’s arms and bodies are the delivery system for transferring money from the citizens of the Commonwealth to the pharmaceutical industry?

Dr. Nash’s testimony to the Massachusetts legislature

The pharmaceutical industry spent upwards of $29 billion on “medical marketing” in 2016 alone, according to Dr. Nass.

What’s more, drug manufacturers are immune from liability for vaccine-related injuries if the drug is placed on the childhood vaccine schedule. These “liability waivers,” Nass argues, cause drug manufacturers to push for the drug to be placed on the schedule before it is adequately tested and proved.

[Liability] waivers discourage manufacturers from ensuring that the vaccines they sell are as safe and effective as possible. The removal of vaccine exemptions, combined with liability waivers for vaccine side effects and recently loosened standards for licensing vaccines, create a highly toxic mix.

Excerpt of Dr. Nass’ testimony to the Massachusetts legislature

Dr. Nass says that pharmaceutical lobbyists will not be satisfied with eliminating non-medical (or religious) exemptions to immunizations, they are seeking to restrict medical exemptions as well.

For more vaccine information and CDC government resources, click here.

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21 thoughts on “Massachusetts considers eliminating religious exemptions to vaccinations”

  1. Salk polio vaccine caused over 4000 cases of polio in Massachusetts in the summer of 1955 and Massachusetts dropped recommendations for that immunization. John Enders, the Nobel Laureate who devised the method for mass production of polio vaccines at Boston children’s hospital was financed by the military as were both Salk and Sabin – and he was restricted from identifying the source of the epidemic…. but all physicians in the Commonwealth kept this secret even during the legislation enacting the Vaccine Compensation. Act…

    I obtained substantial evidence of the above reactions as an attorney litigating Salk vaccine claims before the Vaccine Court and more recently acquired documentary evidence that the above named individuals as well as Sam Katz -Chairman of the Infectious Disease Committee of the American Academy of Pediatrics all operated under the direct control of the military…

    Big Pharma is not the elephant – Big Pharma is a Giant Red Herring.

    My first case out of law school – Loge v United States establishes the government can effectuate immunizations without a persons knowledge or consent and against their free will (cert denied probably on the grounds of Buck v Bell — in Loge the mother of Sabin Vaccine immunized child was paralyzed by the vaccine given to the child)).

    Now such injuries are automatically compensated under the VCA.

    1. It’s not automatic or even easy to be compensated. In 33 years they’ve only paid out about 4 billion dollars, and in fact use fraudulent research to help deny claims. Research ordered up by the CDC in the wake of covering up their own research proving a link between vaccines and autism. See Deadly Immunity 2005 Rolling Stone

  2. Personally I don’t see any difference between Dr. Ness and the Pharm Industry. Both want our children to be vaccinated and both want parental freedom of choice to be limited . They may differ as to motivation but that has no value to those who want to retain the freedom of choice on vaccinations.
    The medical profession as already abandoned their oath of ” do no harm” and have vaccinated thousands of children who have symptoms from vaccines. They also suppress the ineffectiveness of vaccines over time and other truths that ‘ cannot be proven” by THEIR internal reviews.

  3. Literally thousands of parents have been protesting in Trenton New Jersey and Albany New York .. to stop legislation to eliminate religious exemptions in both states .. and now Mass. religious exemptions are under attack. It is bad enough when politicians deny a parent’s religious beliefs .. but .. even worse is their denial of parents universal right to INFORMED CONSENT. If vaccines were as safe and effective as advertised .. public health authorities would be eager to conduct a scientific, independent study of vaccinated v unvaccinated populations .. to see if BOTH groups suffer the same epidemic of child development and health problems. They WON’T DO THE STUDY … AND IT ISN’T BECAUSE THEY CAN’T DO THE STUDY.

  4. As a therapist who has treated BOTH adult (flu shot -> guillian barre) and child (MMR -> Developmental Disability) victims of vaccine injury over two decades of work – I have been convinced that freedom of choice in vaccines is a must. The government should NEVER be able to tell us what to inject in our bodies.

    I am so disillusioned by our government’s ability to do even the simple things right and fairly (without politics and re-election as a backdrop) – that I don’t want them to gain any MORE CONTROL over our health care choices. How many in our Congress take money from Pharmaceutical Lobbies and companies that make Vaccines? Sharyl – you must cover this as it relates to the Vaccine Industry if you have not already.

    I give money to the Children’s Health Defense Fund in the hopes that they can shed light on so many things that are harming the health and proper development of children today. They are the most vulnerable in our society.

    I am worried about the day when Medicare for All is FOISTED upon us and vaccines are mandated to “keep” our coverage.

  5. No law prohibiting the free exercise of religion…or so some important document says. It’s not good enough to just block this garbage in court–those who want to forfeit the freedoms of this country in order to advance their agenda need a reckoning.

  6. “Vaccination is a barbarous practice and one of the most fatal of all the delusions current in our time.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

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