Rocket Man: 64-year old “Mad Mike” dies in launched, homemade rocket

Rocket launch of Mike Hughes, Feb. 22, 2020
Image: Twitter

“Rocket enthusiast” Mike Hughes, nicknamed “Mad Mike,” died in a rocket accident over the weekend.

On Saturday, Hughes launched inside a homemade rocket in an experiment being documented by a Science Channel program called Homemade Astronauts, described as a a show about “a group of colorful DIY rocketeers taking their own path to space.”

The rocket crashed in San Bernardino, California shortly after takeoff.

Besides being a daredevil, Hughes was known for his stated belief that Earth is actually flat– “shaped like a Frisbee”.

Two years ago, Hughes successfully launched himself about 1,875 feet into the air using a home made rocket and parachuted down to the ground with no major injuries.

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2 thoughts on “Rocket Man: 64-year old “Mad Mike” dies in launched, homemade rocket”

  1. He is a hero. The name Mike Hughes should be listed with all the other heroes of aviation who have died in furtherance of mankind’s urge to exploration of space.

    May God comfort those who love him, and welcome him from the heavens into Heaven.

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