Eight Mississippi politicians change to Republican

Some Democrats have expressed concern that Socialist Democrat Bernie Sanders will drive moderates from their party both at the national and state level. Sanders is currently leading the field of Democratic presidential candidates and could face off against Republican President Trump.

Political news from the state of Mississippi may prove there is reason to worry.

Eight political officials who were Democrats or independents have reportedly switched to Republicans.

WLBT Channel 3 reports that one of the “party switchers,” 13th Circuit Court District Attorney Matt Sullivan, said “There are conservatives Democrats all across the state of Mississippi and there was once upon a time when the conservative Democrats controlled this state. It’s a new day in Mississippi and I believe the Republican party is growing and there’s a place in the Republican party for people like me.”

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10 thoughts on “Eight Mississippi politicians change to Republican”

  1. This is a case of Democrats seeing the writing on the wall and changing parties to get reelected. Like Crist they are opportunists and not conservative in any way.

    1. That is OK with me right now, but have to be on the alert for their reasons and how they act., Cannot just think they are all of a sudden doing this.

  2. They will still vote for progressive things. How is this winning? Great, 7 more RINOs in the GOP. The Stupid Party never learns.

  3. Sheryl you are the best journalist alive today. Lara Logan is also impressive. So thankful for you both. You two could team up and be even more effective. Gregg Jarrett could be your lawyer.

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