First U.S. service member tests positive for coronavirus

Courtesy: CDC

For the first time, a U.S. service member has tested positive for the dreaded coronavirus.

The service member is a 23-year old man stationed at Camp Carroll in South Korea, a country that has seen numerous cases among civilians.

The announcement was made in a news release issued Tuesday by U.S. Forces Korea.

According to the press release, the infected soldier visited Camp Carroll and the U.S. military base Camp Walker during the past five days. It is unknown whether others were exposed.

The soldier is said to be “under self-quarantine at his off-base residence.” The news release did not say how sick the patient is, but the fact that he is home would seem to indicate he is not gravely ill.

The news release did not say how the soldier might have been exposed to coronavirus. On February 2, U.S. Forces Korea imposed a two-week self-quarantine for troops who visited China from January 19 through February 2.

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