Glenn Beck, Future Shock, and the Money-Losing Postal Service

Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck was among the biggest names in cable television news at one time. He became also became one of the most controversial for his sharp political commentary, which got him targeted in one of the first big organized smear campaigns.

Sunday on Full Measure, I’ll talk with Beck about going from one of the most beloved figures in the world to despised… and why he really left Fox News.

He’ll also give his views on media and politics today.

Also this week, the shocking, inhuman future of technology.

And the postal service can’t seem to catch a break when it comes to making money or even breaking even. Some of it is a matter of the business strategies the agency has chosen.

Joce Sterman will examine the money-losing postal service.

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5 thoughts on “Glenn Beck, Future Shock, and the Money-Losing Postal Service”

  1. Listening to podcast with Beck !
    Today, the tide HAS been changed! In large part, thanks to Trump! But, there is now movement, worldwide, that has that Moto Sharyl uses, “do your own research, make up your own mind, think for yourself, and it’s QAnon. We are tens, perhaps hundreds of millions strong, around the world and 30+ million folks just here in the US. Just regular, everyday people who have spent years fighting back, online, promoting the good, attacking what’s evil. There’s a reason why the MSM have gone after us, because we are effective. An army of digital researchers. The best is yet to come!

    We are Q, and we are everywhere!

  2. That was a very disappointing piece on the Postal Service. Your headline read how you were going to follow the money. I was sure you would have mentioned that Postal Service was mandated by Congress in 2006 to pay its retirement and health benefits 75 years into the future by the Postal Reform act of 2006. No you concentrated on the Postal Service losing money but never once went into the affect the Postal Reform act had on the bottom line. I was hoping to get fair coverage. The only thing fair you presented was that the Postal Service receives no Government funds from taxpayers. Name one private company or government agency that is required to fund health and retirement benefits 75 years into the future? I will wait…

    1. Well Said!! Exactly what I was going to say about the PO. I am a former postal worker and I tell you now, My healthcare is NOT funded by the PO but I pay for it through the American Postal Workers Union Health Plan. I paid over $5000 last year and will pay a bit more this year!
      Congress mandated the payments 75 years in advance, so why doesn’t congress fix it? Because they want to break the P:O so they can privatize it. What a disaster that would be!

  3. I experienced many injuries delivering mail for the U.S. Postal Service, all caused by following ‘orders’.
    They wanted written complaints regarding dangerous dogs who posed continued threats, and
    mail would be held for pickup until dogs were secured, including the unlatched door at one home I delivered in Bethesda, Maryland.
    For years, I had to sneak up to the unlocked door on Greenvale Pkwy so the elderly dog would charge the unlatched storm door most of the year. After I reported the address 3 times, they never contacted the owner or allowed me to leave their mail in the station for pickup. One day the daughter decided to come up behind me to go inside the house. I tried to stop her as she leaned against the door after the dog bit my right hand and tried to yank me into the house, ripping my hand open, and breaking my knuckle as the spaced out daughter looked on. The USPS didn’t answer my attorneys letter for reimbursement for my lost time, and made me work sorting mail which kept me from delivery for nearly a year.
    A few years later, delivering 5 days of mail after ice storms in 2001 during a blizzard (‘Snowmageddon’), I slipped ice on the last walking stop landing on concrete steps, hitting my head, fracturing my C1 and L1 vertebrae, and left hip. Then combined back with elbow injury OWCP number, prevented treatment for the back injury that has left me permanently injured and in chronic pain, Then they fired me after THEY cancelled meetings I showed up for, and the NALC did NOTHING. I am one of thousands nationally who were forced out with similar management induced career ending injuries. I was hoping you’d expand on their $11 bilion in lost revenue, and corrupt management practices that gave bonuses to the Supervisors, Managers, and Post Master (Bethesda MD, among the most corrupt )

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