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11 thoughts on “Glenn Beck (PODCAST)”

  1. I’m looking forward to the whole interview next Sunday. The smearing is just plain dangerous. I just saw on Yahoo News that George Zimmerman is suing Mayor Pete and Elizabeth Warren for defamation after tweets they sent out. He’s also suing a whole host of others involved in his prosecution for $100,000,000. You’re probably aware of this. Joel Gilbert made a documentary, The Trayvon Hoax, that was discussed by Glenn Loury and John McWhorter on The Glenn Show podcast. https://youtu.be/qxPV9G8G9xM After the podcast, I watched the documentary on Vimeo. I’m wondering if you’ve seen these and if you have, how convinced are you or are you not. Loury and McWhorter seem to be and they are hardly in the right wing tank.

  2. Mr. Beck’s professional career is much more complicated than what’s covered in this After Hours Episode 19 podcast. If you’re truly interested in gaining a thorough understanding of him and how he does business, you’d benefit from contacting me. I’d be happy to share the observations I’ve made after studying and analyzing his methods for the past several years. My contact information is included here and as you may know, I’m also on Twitter under my real name.

  3. My biggest concern is not some idiot voting twice. It is George Soros sponsoring wholesale voter fraud through adverse programing in his companies voting machines. The CIA also.

  4. You should know that NBC in Las Vegas (channel 3) censored your Glenn Beck interview portion of this week’s show. Full Measure was scheduled to start at 4:30pm Sunday Feb 23rd (according to the tv guide). At 4:30 up until 4;40pm another show was on instead of Full Measure. At 4;40pm Full Measure began airing with the 5G segment followed by the Post Office segment.

      1. They showed a program that had begun prior to 4:30. Sorry I can not remember the name of it but was about some sort of physical fitness activity. When that physical fitness show ended at 4:40, an announcement was made “we now return to our regularly scheduled program”. When you consider the history of the attack on Glenn Beck, it just seemed to me to be too much of a coincidence that the Glenn Beck sequence was the one not shown. Thank you for your fearless and honest reporting on important and often nefarious goings-on in the world. Perhaps an interview with Blago ? (Rod Blagojevich)

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