Inter-galactic radio signals detected

Hubble telescope image of a galaxy
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Researchers have detected a pattern of fast radio bursts traced to a galaxy 500 million light years away. That’s according to CNN.

Single and repeating radio bursts originating outside our galaxy are not a new phenomenon.

However, this newly discovered fast radio burst (FRB) reportedly repeated itself every hour for four days, then went silent for 12 days, repeating in a 16 day cycle.

Researchers speculate the signals could be generated by the interaction between different types of stars, their orbits, and weather.

Scientists say they hope that studying and understanding the origins and causes of these radio bursts can help astronomers learn more about the universe.

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17 thoughts on “Inter-galactic radio signals detected”

  1. Here’s the deal though-even IF these signals were generated by some technologically advance civilization, they were generated 500, 000, 000 years ago….

    1. The inverse sq law says it doesn’t care about your “technologically advance civilization”, it wouldn’t allow it to happen anyway!

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