Kellogg’s to phase out use of “Roundup” on crops

Kellogg’s recently issued a statement that it is working with its suppliers to phase out the use of a herbicide commonly known as “Roundup” on crops like wheat and oat used in its cereal. That’s according to a story in

Roundup, made by Monsanto, is made using a controversial chemical called glyphosate. Several large jury verdicts have been awarded in recent years to people who claimed they got cancer from Round Up exposure.

Dr. Charles Benbrook, an agricultural economist, calls the announcement a “huge development.” He says the easiest and quickest way to remove the herbicide from our diet is to change government regulations that currently allow for what he characterizes as very high levels of glyphosate in crops, according to the story.

Kellogg’s statement reads, in part:

We know that some consumers have questions about the use of the herbicide glyphosate (also known by its brand name Roundup as a drying agent a few weeks before harvest, particularly with wheat and oats. This practice is done by some farmers in certain circumstances – like harvesting the crop more quickly if weather is challenging.

Although this practice is not widespread in our wheat and oat supply chains, we are working with our suppliers to phase ou using glyphosate as pre-harvest drying agent in our wheat and oat supply chain in our major markets, including the U.S., by the end of 2025.

Excerpt of Kellogg’s statement

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3 thoughts on “Kellogg’s to phase out use of “Roundup” on crops”

  1. I read your article about not using Roundup for Prendergast. There is already regulations on the books about how m any days you have to wait to harvest s crop once you spray Roundup.You don,t use Roundup to speed up a crop if you want to speed up the crop you Woodrow the crop and let it ripping up and pick it with a special header for the combine.All you people in the media are wanting to outlaw Roundup,I wonder how you people think you are holing to eat. Last year 94:% of the soybeans in US were Roundup ready variety,and corn was around 80%..There is no chemical out right now that can replace Roundup There are not enough farmers left to go back to farming without chemicals.Just something to think k about while you are enjoying your meal tonight.

  2. While phasing out the desiccant portion pre-harvest spray they still will have glyphosate in the products. The weedkiller is in the soil, roots too. The only way to rid the products from glyphosate is to move to certified organic farm crops.

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