POLL: Public has favorable view of many federal agencies (especially the Postal Service)

More than 80% say they view the U.S. Postal Service, National Park Service, NASA, and the CDC favorably. That’s according to a recent Pew Research study.

Fourteen of sixteen federal agencies are viewed more favorably than unfavorably by the public, according to the survey conducted last September.

A majority of both Republicans and Democrats viewed the FBI favorably at the time, reflecting a rebound in Republican opinion, according to Pew. However, the survey was conducted before the Department of Justice Inspector General found serious lapses and abuses in FBI behavior regarding the controversial wiretap of former Trump campaign volunteer Carter Page.

Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is the only agency asked about that respondents viewed more negatively than positively, says Pew.

Opinions about ICE appear divided along party lines with Republicans more favorable about the agency than Democrats, but partisan opinion gaps about the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Education are reportedly narrowing.

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7 thoughts on “POLL: Public has favorable view of many federal agencies (especially the Postal Service)”

  1. I live in North Carolina. Every time I’ve used the US Postal Service to send packages, I have been greeted by the Postal Employees with kindness, friendliness and on the whole, great service. Ditto to the postal employee who makes their rounds through our neighborhood. The postal service has greatly improved their tracking services the past two years – I have been able to track packages to the door in Canada when sending from the US. The USPS has also linked up with Amazon to deliver on weekends – including Sundays. I’m impressed. In a world of emails and texting, there is still nothing more exciting and meaningful than receiving a handwritten card or letter in the mail from a friend or loved one. Far better than email or e-card. That’s a message the USPS should probably do more to promote.

  2. I do not know who takes these polls but it must have been all democrats or government employees bc I do not think this represents the TRUE thoughts or feelings of the majority of US CITIZENS on these government agencies…

  3. You seem to have left out why the Postal Service began to lose money in the early 2000’s. The Republican Congress passed a law to make them pay ahead for over a decade into health and pension funds, which cost them billions! The Postal,Service could become profitable if the Congress would let them expand services and quit micromanaging the department!

      1. Interesting that you think pro-taxpayer (which is pretty much everyone of all stripes) and pro-fiscal responsibility is “anti-government slant” and “biased for Republican and libertarian.” Maybe this comment says more about your own bias than mine. Just a thought!

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