POLL: US voters not likely to consider voting for Socialist for president

Most Americans say they are open to a qualified presidential candidate who is black, Catholic, Hispanic, Jewish, or a woman. But the majority of those polled oppose having a socialist in America’s highest office. That’s according to a Gallup poll.

Gallup asked people about their willingness to vote for a party’s “well-qualified” candidate based on that person’s characteristics.

A strong majority also expressed willingness to vote for a qualified Evangelical Christian or gay/lesbian candidate.

Muslim, atheists, and socialists received the least amount of support as presidential candidates in Gallup’s poll. Still, the responses generally reflect broad tolerance, with a majority of respondents expressing “willingness” to vote for candidates in all categories except “Socialist.”

Sen. Bernie Sanders, a Democrat running for president, has endorsed some Socialist policies and calls himself a Democratic Socialist.

The largest increase in voting tolerance since 1958 is for black candidates.

Click on the link below to read Gallup’s poll report:

Gallup poll

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8 thoughts on “POLL: US voters not likely to consider voting for Socialist for president”

  1. I’m pleased but surprised that most people say they wouldn’t vote for a socialist when polls show huge numbers of young people are attracted to socialism. (Look how many are supporting Bernie Sanders.) You cannot possibly find socialism attractive if you know its history, and most young people know nothing about it. While most young people have heard of Hitler, many don’t know he was a socialist. In fact, they seem to link Hitler’s name to conservatives when they want to insult a conservative.

  2. ALL of DJT’s opponents are Socialists. As a matter of fact, the democrat Party should relabel itself as the MarxiCrat Party.

  3. Hard to imagine anyone but a Democrat voting ‘socialist!’

    American politics has become a party of normal people with wildly varying views, and a party of the mentally deranged, those in an arrested state of development, and conniving manipulators.

  4. That leaves every leftist running for office..Each and everyone of them have communist,socialist or Marxist ideology..They will all push for the extreme leftist rule and try to finish America off.. 45 Goals to a Communist America..These people are hammering hard at those goals..So close they can taste it..

  5. Love you Sharyl and your crew. Thanks for caring about the truth. And thanks for caring about America. Your very courageous and I love you for that. I’m sure a lot of politicians and others, and groups and corporations are not crazy about the truth being told. That where the corruption comes in and hurts our country and people. I believe in what your trying to do and I am a big fan. I look forward to your show every week it’s a must see. I stand with you and support you and applaud you and your crew….god bless you. John Ostby 360 990 0969. Bremerton, Wa.

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