POLL: Vast majority say ripping up Trump’s speech was mistake

Over 95% of the respondents say that Nancy Pelosi made a “big mistake” when she ripped up President Trump’s speech on national TV. That’s according to the latest unscientific poll at SharylAttkisson.com.

Less than 2% of the respondents said it was brilliant.

Should Pelosi have ripped up Trump’s speech?

2% Yes, brilliant!

95% No, big mistake!

3% Don’t know/don’t care

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5 thoughts on “POLL: Vast majority say ripping up Trump’s speech was mistake”

  1. Your a true credit to your profession, which has now so degraded itself as to be unworthy of the title “journalist.” God bless the few remaining journalists like you who hold our government accountable!

  2. IMO ripping up Trump’s ’20 S.ofU.
    Pelosi only shows the country her hatred for Trump, her lack of respect for our government, and cements how mentally unbalanced she is. Pelosi needs to be put away for everyone’s safety!

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