Read: Sen. Johnson letter to Barr and Wray about govt. spying on journalist Attkisson

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin)

On January 8, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin), head of the Homeland Security Committee, asked the Department of Justice and FBI to respond to longstanding questions about the government’s intrusions into my computers.

Answers were due on January 22, but Attorney General Bill Barr and FBI Director Christopher Wray have not provided a response.

This continues seven years of government stonewalling over the illegal spy operation.

To read more on my lawsuit against former Justice Department official Rod Rosenstein and other federal agents involved in surveilling me and other innocent U.S. citizens, click here.

Read Sen. Johnson’s letter below.

Ron Johnson letter to DOJ and FBI
Fight improper government surveillance. Support Attkisson v. DOJ and FBI over the government computer intrusions of Attkisson’s work while she was a CBS News investigative correspondent. Visit the Attkisson Fourth Amendment Litigation Fund. Click here.

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7 thoughts on “Read: Sen. Johnson letter to Barr and Wray about govt. spying on journalist Attkisson”

  1. Dear Ms. Attkinsson, 1/31/2020

    I read your book and there is no doubt that our government (under Obama) spied on you in your home and possibly elsewhere.

    Let’s hope those behind this illegal surveillance can be brought to Court or to Congress and made to testify.. This includes Comey, Obama, Rosenstein, Struck, Page, Brennan, Clapper and all other pertinent people who may have knowledge or were in the loop.

    You are an honest, unbiased, reputable investigative reporter as well as an American citizen who must be afforded truth and justice. Wonder if you were a victim of a FISA Court maneuver?

  2. Good luck with your case. I know that it has been a long and frustrating situation for you. As they say, “the gears of government grind very slowly”. You will get your day in court, hopefully sooner than later.
    Hang in there. You are a beacon of light to the rest of us.
    By the way, very good book!!

  3. The longer this continues without the government and the people who this our government caring one bit, the more I am worried for our country. Thank you for all you do Sharyl!

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