Rep. Buck questions FBI Director Wray about govt. spying on Attkisson and other journalists

At a recent House hearing, Rep. Ken Buck (R-Colorado) questioned FBI Director Christopher Wray about the government’s illegal hacking into the computer of investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson.

The Attkisson case was first announced by CBS News in August of 2013.

Read the CBS announcement

Since that time, the Department of Justice has declined to hold the guilty parties accountable and, instead, is continuing to use taxpayer money to fight Attkisson’s lawsuits over the intrusion.

Meantime, numerous members of the House and Senate have asked the Department of Justice and FBI to answer questions about the case over the years, but the agencies have yet to answer the questions.

Watch Rep. Buck’s interview on One America News (OAN) below:

Fight improper government surveillance. Support Attkisson v. DOJ and FBI over the government computer intrusions of Attkisson’s work while she was a CBS News investigative correspondent. Visit the Attkisson Fourth Amendment Litigation Fund. Click here.

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9 thoughts on “Rep. Buck questions FBI Director Wray about govt. spying on Attkisson and other journalists”

  1. What a $hit-show! The FBI should be disbanded and start over. They have lost everyone’s trust.

    Thanks Sharyl and Snowden for opening our eyes to the depths these lowlifes go.

    1. Snowden? Are you freaking kidding me? You realize how many people that nut got killed? He lives in Russia now after fleeing first to China with his laptops. You are ok with that huh.

  2. The Fact that FBI agents and Justice Department Manipulated the Hillary email case/ matter and lied to a Federal court FISA and are allowed to be walking the streets is telling how corrupt things have become! Obamas IRS lois lerner trampled on citizens rights then took the fifth! We all know that the excuse is the country could not stand to see a former first lady Prosecuted. That is why Obama will never be held accountable as the first biracial President!

  3. Wray is A Swamp Creature people need to be Prosecuted Not Just Change Policy..Carter Page Life was threaten He was working for Us and they Exposed Him, They did the same to Flynn and Sharyl, Wray doesn’t want to go after his Buddies It May be a few bad cops But they are At The TOP and they Hold The POWER …. Wray Needs To GOOOO!

  4. That is why I love the fact that a trump is trying to drain that swamp off its swamp creatures. I fear it will take longer than he is POTUS. But rather than running another swamp creature, we need more people like him who will give up their quality of life to continue to drain those swamp creatures. No more politicians who can be bought!

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