The swine flu epidemic that was not as CDC advertised (PODCAST)

When the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) was publicizing a supposed swine epidemic in 2009, I got a tip from two government health insiders.

It led me to ask CDC for the actual lab test results for American patients believed to have contracted swine flu.

CDC declined to provide the information on a timely basis, even though it was at their fingertips and belongs to the public.

Read CDC’s info on swine flu here

So I went to each of the 50 states, which had provided the lab test results to CDC, and obtained the information that way.

The results were shocking. Almost none of the “swine flu” patients had swine flu.

Listen to my podcast below for more on this and other health information scandals.

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14 thoughts on “The swine flu epidemic that was not as CDC advertised (PODCAST)”

  1. There have been quite disturbing videos coming online from Chinese people alarmed by the way their “government” (read one-party communist state) has been brutally enforcing the quarantines. There has also been reports (some of it blatant disinformation) trying to make the epidemic much, much worse than is being presented on mainstream media. Other reports suggest the Chinese Communist Party is using the emergency to crack down on dissent both in Hong Kong and cities like Wuhan. One thing is highly likely, and that is the unreliability of statistics controlled by a political machine called the Communist Party of China.

  2. I live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. I want to thank you for being one of the rare journalists who have allowed a discussion on the question of the safety of vaccines. Most news sources seem to be owned by the pharmaceutical companies making the battle to get the truth out very difficult. Children continue to be harmed. Appreciate any continued support.

    1. Hi, Kathy!
      As a former Iowan, born in Cedar Falls, and living mostly in West Union (up in Fayette County), I am sympathetic. I can tell you that in Sweden, where I now reside, the choices of news sources seem even more restricted. Trust in authorities (warranted much more evidently in their past) means that current proclamations and messaging goes almost entirely unchallenged by nearly all factions. Also, even our version of NPR is turning out to be a propaganda machine, simply translating and passing on “stories” without any apparent investigation or verification. Finally, even forums and feedback for readers/viewers are absent, so that it is hard to alert or confirm to others that these stories are false, or at least deserving to be questioned and explored. I send much love and concern to my beloved home state. Thanks for being vigilant.

  3. I’m a statistician who used to work in the pharmaceutical industry, so I’m always keenly aware of actual results and probabilities and how these things are measured. I remember the Swine Flu “epidemic” and how the results were as you reported — almost none of the supposed victims actually had the flu strain we were all told to fear. The government has no problem lying to us like this, but then fail to comprehened the “Boy Who Cried Wolf” phenomenon: when you continuously lie to people, they will not believe you when you have important truth to share.

    They’re playing by the same code today. Constantly stir up false “scandals” about the current admin, and you can be sure no one will believe it if they actually did do something wrong.

  4. The CDC cannot be trusted!! They have become noting more than vaccine salesmen seeking profit at the expense of the health of the public. Meanwhile, the mainstream media has been captured by pharmaceutical industry advertising revenue . We no longer have a free press.

  5. Sharyl,

    You pretty much single-handedly saved us from same fate in 2009 that we’re experiencing today with COVID-19. I wanted to thank you directly for that! These players have gotten so much more ruthless today setting up this current plandemic. Hopefully the truth will be revealed soon! I don’t want to see whats coming if this scam isn’t stopped soon.

  6. the mandates also violate Title 18 US Code s/s 242
    Not only that but OSHA ” rule” states that EMPLOYERS will pay if the tax fails .
    Why is the PHARMA companies that created these tax being protected .. FDA has released these vaxxes as “Emergency Use ” they BIG PHARMA is protected from all injuries INCLUDING deaths..
    and OSHA is front line protectors….

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