Tires, Trade and Cosmetics

Attorney David Kurtz represents alleged victims of Goodyear G159 tires

Once again on Full Measure this week, we have another collection of stories you won’t see anywhere else.

We never waste your time rehashing news you’ve already seen all week.

Our cover story is an investigation into Goodyear’s G159 tire. The company says it’s safe. But some consumer advocates say it can be deadly when used on motor homes at highway speed.

Now there’s a federal investigation and allegations of a coverup.

We’ll also break down the new trade agreement with Mexico and Canada in a way everyone can understand, even those who don’t pay a lot of attention to economic news.

Economist Peter Morici will explain what USMCA means to the U.S. and you.

And Joce Sterman has an investigation into personal care products we use every day like shampoo, deodorant and cosmetics.

With all the government regulation in our life you might be surprised to learn how little the government regulates these products.

Toxic chemicals have been found in makeup marketed to children, there is aluminum in deodorant that can allegedly cause cancer and other health issues, and formaldehyde has turned up in hair-straightening products.

Joce Sterman investigates and tells us why there isn’t much the FDA can do about all of this.

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2 thoughts on “Tires, Trade and Cosmetics”

  1. Subject: Student Loan Debt, and what Obama did to create this mess.
    In March 2010 the democrats passed the ACA, One week later, they passed an Amendment, called the Healthcare & Education Reconciliation Act, with two parts. The second part being called Tier II. This transferred student loan responsibilities from private/public banks to the Dept. of Education. Since now the government was put in charge, and “On the Hook”, colleges/universities seeing this,started raising tuition costs, students plus parents, and American’s were never informed, Since then, to present, reportedly, of the 1.6 $$ trillion student loan debt, about 2 million kids have defaulted. This amounts to over $60 billion – and tax payers are on the Hook. Now the Democrats, who passed this fiasco, are blaming Sec. Betsy DeVos. Congress needs to reverse this horrible Amendment, What can be done ???? 35% of all college students “Drop-out”, after a year,or two. Which means that as time goes on -tax payers, and the government are in DEEP DOODOO.. The law needs changing – and Fast.

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