Trump cheered at supersized rally in packed India stadium that holds 110k+

One of the biggest stadiums in the world was filled with cheering crowds for President Trump’s visit today.

Indians wore white “Namaste Trump” hats and carried signs bearing the same phrase. “Namaste” is a respectful greeting meaning, “I bow to.”

President Trump hailed “Bollywood,” classic Indian films, in the venue, described as the world’s largest cricket stadium. The stadium reportedly cost 100-thousand dollars to build.

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi appeared with the president. Modi was re-elected last year and frequently touts his good relationship with Trump.

According to reports, Modi said he expected seven million Indians to greet President Trump upon his arrival.

Trump also told the crowd that he and Modi are in the very early stages of discussing a new trade deal to improve and expand economic ties between the countries. He called Modi a “tough negotiator.”

First Lady Melania Trump is accompanying the president on the brief visit, which included a stop to the famous Taj Mahal.

You can watch the full speech by clicking the link below:

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8 thoughts on “Trump cheered at supersized rally in packed India stadium that holds 110k+”

  1. It’s great to see him there with the 1st lady. The MSM lies when they say there’s not respect for him and/or the rest of the world dislike him. But what else is new – the MSM lies about most everything.

  2. Wow!… President Trump is awesome! He is the energizer bunny! No one has the energy he holds! No one could hold the attention of a crowd like that for so long! The man is incredible!
    Trump 2020! Keep America Great!

  3. I have found if I choose random names, from phone books here in the USA and abroad; send the info. it appears to be safer – I stand with you and know there was a key-stroke on your systems – check FISA if I understood it correctly your name was/is on one of them – GOOD luck in your fight (apparently unless you’re a democrat whom can do whatever since they don’t follow the same laws as everyone else ) – I wish you would print a story on actually putting into perspective the reality of what the far left’s agenda would do to our country (what it would actually mean to these young people who want socialism)
    It’s about time we had an American President Like Trump who puts America & her people 1st while having compassion on the rest of the world ( you sure do not see them worry about America only what they can get from us)- Just look at the damage Obama-Biden did to this country, Schumer & Shifty leaked the info about Sanders, and the actual fact is Sanders is a communist ( dictionary- Communism =Socialism=progressiveness = which actually controls the people, takes the money, destroys thriving economies, dumbs the children down (listen to them talk once you explain that medicare for all will actually be worse than what the VA medical system was like) Socialism controls: your thoughts, words, education, career, housing, vehicles, healthcare & medicines while the leaders have the best if you disagree with them they take all that from you. ( sorry about the tangent; that’s my thoughts at this moment)

  4. Joseph Frascella

    I’m going to play the pessimist here of course the folks in India love him, with our visa program hundreds of thousands of folks from India have been allowed to come to the United States and displays the American workforce. They should absolutely give him a standing ovation. I just watched a piece on Tucker Carlson where they talked about AT&T workers having to train their replacements, all of whom were from India. And this is not an isolated event.

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