Trump makes presidential history at Daytona 500 race

For the first time ever, the presidential limousine has rounded the track just prior to the start of today’s Daytona 500 NASCAR race.

With President Trump and First Lady Melania inside, “The Beast” — as the car is nicknamed — drove around the 2.5 mile long track.

(Trivia: NASCAR stands for National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing.)

President Trump is serving as Grand Marshal. He gave the traditional command: “Gentlemen, start your engines!”

He also gave a brief speech prior to the event.

What matters most is God, family and country

President Donald Trump

Watch President Trump’s limousine drive around the track:

Watch an excerpt of President Trump’s speech at the Daytona 500:

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12 thoughts on “Trump makes presidential history at Daytona 500 race”

  1. SA, I have always admired your character, courage, and spirit! Would to God that we had many more journalist like you. Hope the courts vindicate you and your career takes off like a rocket ship.

  2. Try 2 laps! The hour delay caused the cancellation until Monday for rain. Two stages could have been completed had the event started on time.

  3. I love the 45th President and First Lady. Once DJT took the reigns of power on Jan 20, 2017, he and the First Lady have been flawless defenders of our Nation and Constitution.
    My greatest wish is for a Republican Congress to overturn the two term limit that will take this great man from the helm after 2024. If any POTUS deserves to serve as long as the people want him to, it is President Trump.

  4. What is in the air that a President campaigns like an intertainer and the public takes it as such? Populism has proved to be dangerous as an epidemic disease and the public keeps clapping it. Putin is watching, Sanders, Ocasio, Warren are also watching.

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