6 questions we should be asking about coronavirus

Coronavirus Image from: CDC

The following is an excerpt from my latest article in The Hill.

One death is too many — and with careful management and a lot of luck, the coronavirus sweeping the globe will be curbed, in terms of illness and loss of life. But in the heat of the moment, difficult questions have been raised that will persist beyond the current crisis. Here are six of them:

Is self-quarantining good enough?

Everyone would like to believe that anyone possibly exposed to a serious contagious disease would comply with self-quarantine requirements. But history teaches a different lesson. We need only look at TV personality Nancy Snyderman, a medical doctor who violated her Ebola self-quarantine in 2014. She had agreed to observe a voluntary 21-day quarantine in her New Jersey home after reporting in Liberia, where a photographer on her team contracted Ebola. Yet, Snyderman was spotted getting takeout soup from a local restaurant. (Continued…)

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3 thoughts on “6 questions we should be asking about coronavirus”

  1. Thank you for continuing your effective coverage of these health issues, Sharyl. We appreciate your updates.

    I found it curious that the President asked for a specific (and I thought, appropriate) amount of funding , about $2.5 Billion, to stop the Coronovirus-19’s spread among Americans, but Congress inflated in to 4 times what he had asked for. Both the House and the Senate have about $6 Billion to answer for!

  2. My questions are:
    1) do we truly know for certain this virus exists?
    2) if it does, do we truly know for certain it truly is harmful and the ONLY cause of these illnesses?

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