Coronavirus: Fact vs. Panic (PODCAST)

Everything you need to know about coronavirus, from real death rates, to a profile of those who have passed away in the US so far, to the virus itself.
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14 thoughts on “Coronavirus: Fact vs. Panic (PODCAST)”

  1. Margaret Sussmann

    Thanks Sharyl for getting closer to the truth! Senator Lindsey Graham stated that 37,000 Americans annually die from the flu. He is grossly incorrect! That number is about 20; the others die from pneumonia!

    1. Finally, it is so good to see someone else pick up on this. The CDC numbers for flu fatalities do not add up. I realize that anecdote is not data, but at the same time, not only have I never known or heard of anyone dying of or after having, to flu, I can’t find anyone who has ever known of anyone dying of flu.

      As to the pneumonia part, I’ve known many people who’ve died of pneumonia, which originated from many causes, but there again: never from influenza.

      So thank you Margaret for pointing out the detail. I’m glad I’m not the only one noticing these discrepancies.

      1. I noticed the numbers weren’t adding up as well last week when it was reported on NBC that the fatalities in the U.S. reached 1100 my suspicions were confirmed. If the regular flu kills something like 34,000 people a year and this the fatality rate from COVID-19 is “ten times” higher, then there should have been in the neighborhood of 80,000 deaths or more and not merely 1100. Moreover, it doesn’t seem like they are interested in comparing them at all because normally there would be over 8,000 people dead from the regular flu thus far, but there has been no mention of this.

        People need to find German Virologist Stefan Lanka’s videos before more YouTube channels hosting them are shut down.

  2. Instead of seeking out multiple rightwing politicos for their “expert opinion” on a serious medical issue , you and your audience would have been much better served if you’d simply phoned a couple of random docs in Seattle-area hospitals. Then you might understand the reason for the so-called “panic”.

    Talk about jumping the shark. And to imagine , I once thought you were pretty good.

  3. Interesting stuff. I had a person at my place of work recommend this website and I’m glad I did. Regardless of whether this event was by nature or foul play, one thing has been shown. Human behaviour can be easily manipulated for economic purposes and the like.

    1. Because a rogue technician independently (accidentally) discovered that a Vaccination produced By Baxter Healthcare and already cleared for distribution was contaminated and deadly. Had the vaccinations occurred then the very Pandemic that the W.H.O. had predicted, would have arisen.

  4. I have a problem with someone telling me, without qualification, that the CDC is the best source of info on rates of coronavirus infection.

    I just watched a video (RT News) in which Robert Kennedy Jr talks about the CDC. He isn’t the first source that has informed us that the CDC is corrupt, but boy did he lay it out. It isn’t even fully government funded, although it once was. Robert cites it as being an example of agency capture. Of course it is. We live under a Corporatocracy. As Chris Hedges reminds us constantly, governments are just fronts for corporations. That was the plan, formulated, and not even hidden, in the mid 70s by the Trilateral Commission. As Tony Clarke explains in “Silent Coup – Confronting The Big Business Takeover Of Canada,” the goal was to transform national governments so that they would be more responsive to transnational capital and less responsive to citizens and citizens’ groups. They have succeed in spades.

  5. Sharyl,
    You’re a great reporter and the perfect person to investigate these questions:
    1. How did this get started? I don’t mean the disease, but the panic and draconian responses by government.
    2 I believe SARS, MERS and H1N1 (swine flu) were all Coronaviruses. Why was the response so different.?
    3. With those other diseases were there any cruise ship populations infected like the Diamond Princess, and if so, what were the infection and death rates on those cruise ships compared to the population of the Diamond Princess?

  6. Having read Dr. John Lee’s article “How to understand – and report – figures for ‘COVID deaths,’ is there a way to get reporting on those that have “died from COVID 19′ separate from those that have “died with COVID 19?”

    This distinction is key, because those dying with COVID 19 will naturally increase with testing.

  7. In my opinion, the media deliberately withholds more information than strictly necessary to provide those involved with ammunition to refute claims after the fact. One might withhold information relevant to substantiating deaths attributed to a disease, for example, so they can at least appear to verify the information later to discredit conspiracy theorists who have already gone off half-cocked (in lieu of delicately or more tactically broaching the topic. Of course that does not mean there is no conspiracy. #StefanLanka. Moreover, that does not mean some of these conspiracy theorists aren’t also going off half cocked deliberately.

    Some controlled opposition reporters might even report missing information knowing it will be verified later.

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