Coronavirus spending, Confucius Institutes, surveillance abuse probe

A trillion dollar economic relief package is heading out the door soon on Capitol Hill to help those hit by coronavirus. Already signed into law is a $100 billion spending package, including provisions for paid sick leave. And before that, Congress passed $8.3 billion for the initial emergency response.

Sunday on Full Measure, we’ll dig into the $8.3 billion relief package to find out how it breaks down.

Joce Sterman investigates China’s “Confucius Institutes” on college campuses across the U.S.

Critics, including some members of Congress, want them closed. They say say China is spying on us through these “learning centers.”

Senator Lindsey Graham has started closed door interviews with unnamed federal officials. He says they hold answers to key questions about how high up FBI surveillance abuses went.

Attkisson with Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), Chairman of Senate Judiciary Committee

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2 thoughts on “Coronavirus spending, Confucius Institutes, surveillance abuse probe”

  1. Lindsey Graham cannot be trusted. I live in SC, and my friends and neighbors just laugh when he promises something. He talks a big game, but he never follows through. Why don’t you ask him about those FISA abuse hearing that he promised? Like every other promise, nothing will ever happen.

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