Ex-CBS Reporter Sharyl Attkisson Demands New York Times Correct ‘False And Defamatory’ Article

Peters authored the false, defamatory NYT article

The following is an excerpt from an article in Daily Wire.

Former CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson had her lawyers send a letter to the New York Times demanding they correct the “false and defamatory” article titled “From Jerry Falwell Jr to Dr. Drew: 5 Coronavirus Doubters,” which painted Attkisson as one of those doubters.

Attkisson published the legal threat to her personal website, saying her attorney would “pursue legal redress” if changes were not made. Attkisson’s attorney, G. Taylor Wilson of Wade, Grunberg & Wilson, LLC, says in the letter that she had attempted to get the article corrected previously, but was provided a “cavalier response” from the Times.

“Through a combination of discrete statements of fact, the defamatory headline, and the juxtaposition of defamatory statements concerning a small group of individuals with whom you have lumped Ms. Attkisson, the article conveys the false and defamatory gist that my client, among other things, lied to her readers and listeners, reported as fact lies that endanger the lives of the public, and otherwise violated the litany of ethical standards by which responsible journalists conduct themselves,” Wilson wrote.

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4 thoughts on “Ex-CBS Reporter Sharyl Attkisson Demands New York Times Correct ‘False And Defamatory’ Article”

  1. Listening to you with Chris Stigall podcast. Most I mean Most people don’t pay attention to the NYT’s and especially Jermey Peters he is a regular on MSNBC
    That tells you all.

  2. There’s nothing online I could find about Peters background except he was born in DC and was editor of a newspaper at Univ of Michigan.

  3. Sharyl, please know that I agree completely with your actions and hope that even the NYT can see that their piece was baseless and intentionally false. However, it is what many have come to expect from that rag. I have an enormous degree of respect and admiration for you and tell all who would listen that you are the clearest voice in the room. I have in the past, and will again when the cloud lifts, support your efforts to make the DOJ and FBI accountable for their intrusions. Keep on with the good fight and know that you have many in your camp. One last thing: please try to get on You Tube TV or some channel that can be steamed. Without wired cable, you are hard to find.

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