How the New York Times, Jeremy Peters and Carolyn Ryan got my reporting on coronavirus all wrong (PODCAST)

From a deceptively edited quote to a manipulated timeline, violation of New York Time code of ethics, and fabricated information, the New York Time is still defending its hit piece by Jeremy Peters falsely claiming I’m a “coronavirus doubter.”

New York Times editor Carolyn Ryan defended the false claims made in the Peters article by stating I should not have reported to the public that most of the deaths at the time were among the sick, elderly and immune-comoromised. She failed to note that public health officials and the rest of the media– including the New York Times– reported the same thing.

So what’s really going on?

Read more about the New York Times defamatory article.

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7 thoughts on “How the New York Times, Jeremy Peters and Carolyn Ryan got my reporting on coronavirus all wrong (PODCAST)”

  1. I’m SO SICK of The Media Bias and OUTRIGHT Lies ! THANK YOU for your continued integrity in your reporting. God bless you and yours. Keep up the fight and stay safe.

  2. Just add it to all of the other things that the Times gets wrong. I think the Enquirer does a better job of reporting and editing.

  3. The AM radio conservative talk radio has far more better info. Liberal media newspapers, TV smell of total corruption. I don’t know what they want for this country. I think the socialist agenda they promote will not be to their liking if Socialism is the way of life, less freedoms. Boggles the mind.

  4. The town where I live in NJ is only 20 miles from Manhattan and many of the people here grew up reading the NY Times and still subscribe but it isn’t the paper it once was. Now it is no different than Pravda was in the Soviet Union. It continually pushes its viewpoint and has no interest in actual objective reporting.

  5. When it comes journalism, trust is the coin of the realm. I simply do not trust mainstream sources given the vast majority of news outlets and papers are owned by a very small number of parent corporations. These corporate media outlets are all shaping a narrative that has no basis in objective facts or what the rest of us would call reality.

    Chomsky referred to this practice as “manufacturing consent”. It’s a coordinated effort on the part of the mainstream media to drive a specific message or feeling about a particular issue, controversial topic or political squabble as a way to influence public opinion and shape behavior.

    The media has consistently lied, fabricated or obfuscated facts to shape a fear-based narrative when in reality there has been glaring red flags over the inaccuracy of PCR test on suspected coronavirus patients. The PCR test I presume like many readers here is to inflate the case counts so that people would be compliant to whatever plans the government wants to institute whether its mandatory vaccination, transfer of wealth from taxpayers to mega corporations, erosion of individual liberties, expansion of the surveillance state or marginalizing of small to medium sized businesses.

    Sharyl Attkisson has always always approached investigative journalism with the highest degree of integrity, principles and intellectual rigor. She is certainly someone I trust as a news source.

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