Most voters say they are not most influenced by friends, ads, endorsements or news

Most Americans say they are not influenced most by friends, family, ads, endorsements or the news.

That’s according to the latest unscientific poll at

Perhaps the most surprising finding is the part about people not believing they are most influenced by ads.

According to Forbes: Kantar Media CMAG group estimates that political ads for the 2020 election could reach $6 billion. Group M, a prominent ad agency, estimates spending for political ads will reach $10 billion, an increase of 59% from the 2016 election year when an estimated $6.3 billion was  spent.

When deciding who to vote for, I feel I am most influenced by:

<1% Ads

1% Endorsements

9% Personal appearances

1% Friends, family

11% The news

77% None of the above

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