Perfect selfie or train wreck?

A gym trainer in India suffered head injuries after being hit by a public transport train during a shocking selfie video he took in Hyderabad, India, says BBC News. But he reportedly survived.

In the video, the selfie-taker identified as T Siva appears to ignore warnings from someone nearby and the blaring train horn.

Taking a video while standing near a fast-moving train is a dangerous trend in India, according to BBC News.

Siva was said to have appeared in court and fined after the incident.

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5 thoughts on “Perfect selfie or train wreck?”

  1. Susan Mathewson

    I have to agree with Dave, no fixing stupid or taking stupid pointless risks! I knew someone who died at 19, wasted, playing “chicken” on I-95 with semis. It was obvious who would loose. Poor driver! I hope he was not blamed for cross paths with someone who had no appearance of judgment or self-worth. Didn’t this man have any concern for the pain he’d cause his loved ones?

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