POLL: Most Americans say United Nations is doing a poor job

For the eighteenth consecutive year, the majority of Americans say that the United Nations (U.N.) is doing a poor job of dealing with problems it addresses. That’s according to a recent Gallup poll.

Fifty-four percent (54%) of those polled still believe it is doing a poor job.

Despite the negative findings, they are an improvement over previous polls. Forty-three percent (43%) now saying the organization is doing a good job.

Even though most say the U.N.’s job performance is weak, most say the U.N. should play a significant role in the world (64%).

Gallup first asked Americans to rate the U.N.’s job performance in 1953. There have been long stretches of negativity and short periods of positivity about the U.N.’s job rating since then.

The last time a majority of American’s gave the U.N. a positive job approval rating in the Gallup poll was in 2002, shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Democrats are more likely to have a positive view of the U.N. than Republicans. Similarly, Democrats are more likely to call for the U.N. to take a leading role in world events.

Republicans’ opinions about the U.N. are at their most positive since 2002.

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Majority in U.S. still say United Nations doing poor job

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3 thoughts on “POLL: Most Americans say United Nations is doing a poor job”

  1. The UN is a parasite feeding on the host nation, the USA. It is filled with foreign agents who despise America but crave the dollar and the living conditions of our nation. Shut it down, deport the foreign agents, and turn the facility into a veterans’ health care center.

    Havana, Caracas, Pyongyang, Beijing or Tehran would LOVE to host the UN!

  2. I remember yrs ago Glenn beck’s dream about the UN. “Get a jack hammer and drill all around The UN building and let it float right out to the ocean” it is totally useless.
    I still feel that way.

  3. And so what? A majority of Americans believe in angels.

    I know why you’re making a big deal of this. As a rightwing journo, you’re tossing red meat to your base. Well, here’s a news flash: We need global cooperation if we’re to beat this virus and also do something to reverse the damage done to our air and water and land by unrestrained pollution. And the lives of your Fox viewers in the “heartland” will be directly impacted by how we go forward from here. The UN’s not working great? So, fix it and stop whining!

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