POLL RESULTS: Most say public figures should sue news media for libel “when warranted”

President Trump’s campaign recently filed lawsuits against three national media outlets: CNN, The Washington Post, and The New York Times.

Although the news media enjoys strong protection from libel claims made by public figures, the Trump campaign claims the reporters acted with malice and reckless disregard for the truth in their Trump-Russia collusion coverage, and are not immune from liability.

Most people in our unscientific poll say public figures should sue the news media for libel when warranted.

A small percentage, 3%, said such action chills a free press.

Should public figures sue the news media for libel?

3% No, it chills a free press

97% Yes, when warranted

<1% I don’t know/don’t care

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2 thoughts on “POLL RESULTS: Most say public figures should sue news media for libel “when warranted””

  1. The journalists have lost their way… they think that telling the truth and fact checking are a thing of the past.. they think up lies and spread them to see if they will stick.. sick and tired of the news media, just smears and lying is all they do.. they cry wolf how many times before the whole us citizens turn their back on them…. Dangerous line they have crossed… when there is a REAL emergency NOBODY WILL LISTEN….

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