READ: Attkisson demands NYT retract false, libelous report

The altered quote and multiple false claims made by Jeremy Peters in the New York Times article, “From Jerry Falwell Jr to Dr. Drew: 5 Coronavirus Doubters” must be corrected.

For more background, click here.

Support the fight against government overreach in Attkisson v. DOJ and FBI for the government computer intrusions.
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10 thoughts on “READ: Attkisson demands NYT retract false, libelous report”

  1. Perry J. Hayden Jr.

    How ironic for the New York Times to defame one of the few legitimate, professional, fair, nonpartisan journalists left. I am 72 years old and know the difference between the journalists of yesteryear and the hacks of today. I appreciate and support you Ms. Attkisson. I watch your show, Full Measure, every week. It’s the only news show left on the air that I will watch. Thank you for reporting the true news!

  2. Hmmm… I had left a fairly lengthy comment here the other day, it was published, I went to show it to someone, and now… poof– gone The article title shows “6 comments” but only 2 show now. If it’s not some technical glitch, I hope the decision to remove them was yours*;-)
    all best, shannon

  3. Ms. Atkisson, your TED Talks report on astroturf was one of the most unique and significant pieces of reporting I have ever seen from anyone. The New York Times continues to demonstrate its arrogance in reporting “facts” that are flagrantly biased — or even downright lyigin — to the point of being unrecognizable as legitimate news, and making your valuable work suffer as a result. Many of us depend on your honesty for saving our sanity as we are inundated with lies and drivel from publications such as the New York Times. I stand with you and hope to follow the progress of your demand until you reach a favorable outcome.

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