The Police Recruiting Blues (PODCAST)

My six month long Full Measure investigation looks at how police recruiting efforts have suffered as the profession has come under attack by anti-police groups.

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2 thoughts on “The Police Recruiting Blues (PODCAST)”

  1. Thank you for researching the issue of police under attack in a fair and nonjudgmental report that is lacking in the mainstream news media. It’s concerning that recruiting standards are being lowered because of hiring difficulties, but not surprising when there’s almost a daily bad cop of the day story reported on the national news. Cell phone recordings that don’t capture the entire story, non factual social media, anti law enforcement activists and progressive politicians with a soft on crime agenda have been able to collude with the liberal media to advance the out of control police brutality narrative. We need to realize that our safety over time will be eroded if this bias against police officers continues, and it needs to stop!

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