Facebook’s Fake Coronavirus Fact Check (PODCAST)

I dig into the prevailing media narratives about coronavirus, including “fact checks,” that have themselves been proven false. You’ll be amazed at who Facebook is letting help censor information about China’s controversial Wuhan lab. (Hint: she’s a scientist who works at the lab…)

Who is behind these narratives? Who is controlling your information online and on the news?


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11 thoughts on “Facebook’s Fake Coronavirus Fact Check (PODCAST)”

  1. Deborah Lynn Edwards

    You are a dear person who cares about the truth and issues that also are so important to me. I am so glad that you are doing the best you can and that I found out about your investigative team bringing the information to light with many of my personal concerns over many years and not very many other people who were interested in what matters to me. It was very lonely and people often wanted me to feel like I was crazy. You and your team are in my thoughts and prayers ???

  2. Thanks for all you do. This is layer upon layer of false information that China and basically all others are engaged in. It is fortunate you took up the job of fake news all those years ago,huh?

  3. Sharyl you are truly a breath of fresh air in this media-and-left-created hysteria to ruin our country and make sure our President does not win the election! And China….just evil government.
    Thank you so very much for sharing facts, because the only way we find them is to dig ourselves. But even when you look at Corona virus stats, they have all been inflated in the US for political purposes. God bless you!

  4. Everyone is ranting about Facebook. yet if everyone cancels their Facebook (FB) acct that …(expletive)………will, in a hurry, respect the security of the users. I have no FB acct, yet my Firefox warns me multiple times about blocked tracking attempts by FB There are only a handful of public parasites with no brains just appetite for money and control. these despicable parasites can quickly be trained how to conduct themselves in a civil society ( and be trained to use the toilet as well).

  5. Thanks for ALL that you do, on SO many issues! I hope everyone helps
    to support you in your great work.
    Remind us where to send donations.

  6. Just wanted to thank you for your work.This is just another type of astroturfing you talked about on your TED talk.The people you are going up against are running the old Frankfurt school model and anyone who knows something is wrong, will be bludgeon with Lysenkoism.

    p.s. Someone’s scrambled your opening web page.

  7. Sharryl I have followed you for years but have always done so with a high degree of skepticism as your bias has always seemed to be slanted towards the right. Now, in these horrifying times, I am looking for non biased journalism, and I find your work very thorough but I am concerned about the perceived “right wing” slant of your reporting. I am not going to share this excellent podcast for fear that those who follow my social media will scoff at you and write you off as a Trump supporter with confirmation bias and emphasis bias. What would you respond to centrists who claim you are as corrupt as those at Fox News? (CNN et al are as corrupt on the opposite side in my opinion)

    1. Sharyl Attkisson

      Thanks for the question. If reporting where the facts fall happens to agree with some conservative allegations, it doesn’t make me conservative any more than I am liberal because I received Emmy awards for my undercover invitation into Republican fundraising and for the Bush administration’s bait and switch on TARP. As for me, though, I wouldn’t bother to try to convince people. We are in the era of controlled media and there is a lot of false propaganda about reporters who report factually, particularly on certain issues. Powerful interests are pulling strings. I just try to make people aware of some of these tactics and continue to report off narrative information that some are trying to hide or cover up! Thanks for the note.

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