UPDATED: The first 1,881 U.S. coronavirus deaths by state and age

Editor’s Note: the numbers change quickly. The topline figures are current as of April 5, 2020. The profiles below provide a snapshot in time of what is known about the first 1,881 victims.

For the latest government information, visit https://www.coronavirus.gov. Other resources include CDC.gov and the Johns Hopkins coronavirus resources center.

U.S. Coronavirus Deaths

8,467 as of April 5

New York

3565+ from New York 

  • Man, 69, with underlying medical conditions, including diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Woman, 82
  • Man, 65, with “other significant health issues that contributed”
  • Woman, 79, with “multiple underlying health issues”
  • Man, 78
  • Man, 56,
  • Woman, 53
  • Man, 56, investigator with Dept. of Correction
  • Man, 89, returned from Italy a week earlier
  • Man, 96
  • No details provided for many other patients

Washington State

318 from Washington State including:

  • At least 200 deaths from King County, Washington State
  • At least 37 King County deaths are from Life Care Center, Kirkland

King County Coronavirus test stats as of April 5

  • Woman, 70s, died on 3/21
  • Man, 70s, died on 3/21 at EvergreenHealth
  • Man, 80s, died on 3/22 at EvergreenHealth
  • Man, 80s, died on 3/22 at Swedish Issaquah 
  • Woman, 70s, died on 3/22
  • Woman, 90s, died on 3/22
  • Man, 70s, died on 3/22
  • Woman, 90s, died on 3/22 
  • Woman, 60s, died on 3/22 at Swedish Cherry Hill
  • Man, 60s, died on 3/21 at Swedish Cherry Hill
  • Man, 60s died on 3/22 at University of Washington Medical Center
  • Man, 60s, died on 3/22 at Virginia Mason
  • Woman, 90s, Life Care Center, died 3/6/2020
  • Woman, 60s, Life Care Center, died 3/16/2020
  • Man, 90s, Life Care Center, died 3/17/2020
  • Man, 70s, Life Care Center, died 3/17/2020
  • Man, 80s, Life Care, died 2/28/2020
  • Man, 90s, died 3/15/2020
  • Woman, 70s, died 3/16/2020
  • Man, 70s, died 3/17/2020
  • Man, 60s, died 3/16/2020
  • Man, 70s, died 3/16/2020
  • Man, 80s, died 3/19/2020 
  • Woman, 90s, died 3/17/2020
  • Man, 70s, died 3/18/2020
  • Woman, 80s, died 3/18/2020
  • Woman, 70s
  • Man, 70s, died 3/19/2020
  • Woman, 60s, died on 3/19/2020
  • Man, 60s, died on 3/18/2020 
  • Woman, 80s, died on 3/14/2020
  • Woman, 90s, died on 3/17/2020
  • Woman, 70s, died on 3/17/2020
  • Woman, 80s, died on 3/19/2020 
  • Woman, 100s, died 3/15/2020 
  • Man, 80s, died 3/20/2020
  • Woman,70s, died on 3/20/2020  
  • Man, 70s, died 3/20/2020
  • Woman, 70s, died, 3/20/2020
  • Man, 60s, died 3/20/2020
  • Man, 80s, died on 3/20/2020
  • Man, 80s, died on 3/13/2020

3 from Benton-Franklin Counties including:

  • Man, 80s
  • Man, 70s


  • 1, Pierce
  • Man, 60s, Whatcom, 3/19/2020
  • Man, 80s, Whatcom, died 3/20/2020
  • 2, husband and wife, 80s, Clark County, one lived in small adult group home, the other at assisted/independent living facility.
  • Man, 70s, Clark County
  • 1, Island
  • Man, 80s, died 3/15/2020 
  • Woman, 70s, died 3/15/2020
  • Man, 80s, died 3/11/2020 
  • Woman, 50s, died 3/8/2020, Harborview Medical Center 
  • Woman, 70s, died 3/14/2020, Northwest Hospital
  • Woman, 90s, Redmond Care & Rehab, died 3/12/2020
  • Woman, 60s, Life Care Center, died 3/14/2020
  • Woman, 70s, Life Care Center, died 3/12/2020
  • 2 men, 80s, Life Care Center
  • Woman, 70s
  • 2 women, 90s, Life Care Center, died 3/6/2020
  • Woman, 80s, Life Care Center, died 3/6/2020
  • Man, 70s, died 3/4/2020
  • Man, 80s, died 3/9/2020
  • Woman, 70s, with underlying health conditions, died 3/11/2020
  • Woman, 90s, in assisted living, with underlying health conditions, died 3/10/2020
  • Woman, 60s, who had been hospitalized in Santa Clara, died 3/9/2020
  • Man, 71, with underlying health conditions, Grand Princess cruise ship, died 3/4/2020
  • Woman, 80s, Santa Clara, died 3/13/2020
  • Woman visitor to L.A. County who had layover in S. Korea, died 3/11/2020 
  • Death announced 3/13/2020, no details given

First two deaths in US, reported earlier:

  • Woman, 80s, Life Care Center, died 2/26/2020
  • Man, 50s, Life Care Center, died 2/26/2020

16 Washington State deaths are from Snohomish County:

  • Woman, 70s, with underlying health conditions, died 3/11/2020
  • Woman, 80s, with underlying health conditions, died 3/10/2020
  • Man, 80s, with underlying health conditions, died 3/9/2020, Josephine Caring Community assisted living
  • Man, 40s, with underlying health conditions
  • Woman, 40s, with underlying health conditions, died 3/16/2020
  • Woman, 50s, underlying health conditions, died 3/16/2020
  • Woman, 80s, with underlying health conditions, died 3/20/20
  • Man, 70s, with underlying health conditions, connected to Sunrise View Assisted Living, died 3/20/20
  • Woman, 90s, with underlying health conditions, connected to Josephine Caring Community, died 3/19/20
  • Woman, 90s, with underlying health conditions, died 3/18/20

1 Washington State death is from Grant County, a patient in their 80s


317 from California including:

  • Man, 71, with underlying health conditions, had been on cruise
  • 2, San Joaquin County
  • Man, late 60s, San Mateo
  • 5 from Santa Clara County including:
  • Man, 80s, hospitalized 3/7/2020, died 03/15/2020
  • Man, 50s, hospitalized 3/12/2020, died 3/15/2020
  • Jeffrey Ghazarian, 34, “at-risk patient with history of asthma and frequent bronchitis as a child, testicular cancer in 2016”
  • No details for many other patients


At least 412 from Louisiana including:

4 from Lambeth House, 15 from Orleans Parish

  • 1 Person, 58, hospitalized with underlying health conditions
  • 1 Person, 84, Lambeth House retirement community
  • James Carriere, 80, Lambeth House retirement community
  • 1 Person, 92 Lambeth House retirement community
  • 1 Person, 98, Lambeth House retirement community
  • 1 Person, no details
  • 1 St. James Parish
  • 1 Jefferson Parish
  • 1 Person, 83, Orleans Parish
  • 1 Person, 50, Orleans, with underlying medical conditions
  • 1 Person, 77, Jefferson Parish, with underlying medical conditions
  • 1 Person, 90, Orleans Parish, with underlying medical conditions
  • 1 Person, 77, Orleans Parish
  • 1 Person, 53, Orleans Parish

New Jersey

846 from New Jersey including:

  • Man, 69, diabetic who suffered two cardiac arrests, Bergen Co, with underlying health conditions
  • Man, 90s
  • Grace Fusco, 73
  • Rita Fusco-Jackson, 55
  • Woman, “older than 60” with underlying health conditions, Essex. Co.
  • Woman, “older than 60” with underlying health conditions, Hudson
  • Man, 50s, Monmouth
  • Man, 80s, Essex
  • Woman, 70s, Morris
  • Man, 40s Bergen County
  • Man, 80s, Bergen County
  • (Three of the last 5 deaths were from long-term care or rehabilitation facilities)
  • Man, 90s, Bergen County, with underlying medical conditions
  • Man, 80s, Passaic County with underlying medical conditions
  • Woman, 90s, Middlesex County
  • Man, 70s, Somerset County


At least 208 from Georgia including:

  • Man, 67, with underlying medical conditions, Cobb Co.
  • Woman, 42, with pre-existing conditions
  • Woman, 69, with pre-existing conditions
  • Patient at Emory University Hospital
  • 2 from Dougherty County
  • Bartow County

According to health officials: As of March 22, Georgia deaths were ages 42 to 85. More than three-fourths had underlying medical conditions. At least 10 had underlying health conditions.


At least 540 from Michigan including:

  • Man, 84
  • “Older man with underlying health conditions,” Washtenaw County
  • Man, 52, Macomb County with underlying health conditions
  • Man, 71, with underlying health issues, Kent County
  • Woman, 90s, Detroit
  • Woman, 90s, Oakland County, with underlying health conditions.
  • Man, 50, with underlying health conditions
  • Woman, 81, Detroit, with underlying health conditions
  • Woman, 50s, Detroit, with underlying health conditions
  • Man, 50s, Southgate, with underlying health conditions


At least 194 from Florida including:

3 from Altria Willow Wood Assisted Living Facility

  • 2 people, 70s, had traveled overseas
  • Woman, 69, went straight from Asia to California (where she died)
  • Man, 77, Lee County
  • Woman, 79, hospitalized with other health conditions, then got coronavirus, Orange County
  • Man, 77, from a Broward County, resident of Atria Willow Wood, Fort Lauderdale assisted-living facility
  • Manatee County (deceased tested positive but no details)
  • Man, 70s, Clay County (Middleburg)
  • Man, 88, Palm Beach County
  • Man, 92, Broward County, resident of Atria Willow Wood, Fort Lauderdale assisted-living facility.
  • Woman, 96, Broward County, resident of Atria Willow Wood, Fort Lauderdale assisted-living facility.


At least 248 from Illinois including:

  • Patricia Frieson, 61, Gresham woman
  • Michael Mika, 73
  • Timothy Loving, 59, with chronic substance abuse and diabetes contributing
  • Diane Breymeyer, 80, heart disease and diabetes played a role as well


At least 125 from Colorado including:

  • Woman, 80s, with underlying health conditions, El Paso County
  • Man, 70s, with underlying health conditions, Weld County
  • Man, mid-60s, Weld County with underlying health conditions
  • Man, mid-60s, Eagle County
  • Man, 70s, El Paso County


At least 165 from Connecticut including:

  • Man, 91, New Canaan
  • Man, 88, resident of assisted living facility, Ridgefield
  • Man, 88, Stafford Springs nursing home previously hospitalized


At least 136 from Pennsylvania including;

2 from Allegheny, Pennsylvania; 2 from Delaware; 2 from Lackawanna; 2 from Montgomery

3 from Northampton, Pennsylvania

  • Carmine Fusco
  • Alleghany County
  • No details


At least 216 from Massachusetts including:

  • Woman, 54, with preexisting condition
  • Man, 87, with underlying and preexisting medical conditions


At least 117 from Texas including:

  • Patrick James, 77, died 3/16/2022, Texas Masonic Home in Arlington, Tarrant County
  • Man, late 90s, Matagorda County, died 3/16/2022
  • Man, 64, already hospitalized for underlying condition, Plano, Collin County, died 3/17/2022
  • Man 80s, nursing home in northwest Harris County, with underlying health conditions
  • Man, 60s, Dallas


At least 116 from Indiana: including patients “over 60” with “other health problems”


At least 102 from Ohio including:

  • Man, attorney, 76, Toledo area
  • Man, 85, Erie County
  • Man, 91, Cuyahoga County


At least 26 from Oregon including:

  • Woman, 60s, Lane County
  • Man, 70, Multnomah County, Veteran Affairs Center with underlying health conditions
  • Man, 71, Washington County, died 3/17/2022
  • Woman, 72, with underlying health conditions


At least 52 from Virginia including:


At least 46 from Nevada including:

Man, 60s, with underlying health conditions


At least 42 from Missouri including:

  • Woman, 80s
  • Resident, 60s, Boone County
  • Judy Wilson-Griffin, African American nurse at St. Mary’s Hospital, with multiple preexisting health problems


At least 52 from Arizona including:

  • Man, 70s, with underlying health conditions
  • Man, 50s, with underlying health conditions, worked for the Phoenix Aviation Department


20 from Vermont including:

  • Man, 80s, had been hospitalized at the Veterans Affairs Medical Center in White River Junction
  • Woman, 80s, Burlington Health & Rehab elderly care facility


At least 56 from Wisconsin including:

  • Man, 50s, in Fond du Lac County
  • Man, 90s, in Ozaukee County
  • Man, 66, in Milwaukee County
  • Man 69, in Milwaukee County

South Carolina

At least 40 from South Carolina including:

  • “Elderly” resident of Lexington Medical Center Extended Care Skilled Nursing Facility
  • Elderly” with underlying health conditions
  • “Elderly” with underlying health conditions, resident of Harmony Assisted Living Facility


At least 35 in Mississippi including:

Howard Pickens, 63, barber with chronic, underlying health conditions


At least 40 from Kentucky including:

  • Man, had stroke and pneumonia, was tested for coronavirus after being admitted to hospital
  • Man, 67, Anderson County, with “several other health problems”
  • Woman, 73, Jefferson County
  • Woman, 75, Fayette County
  • Man, 77, Hopkins County
  • Man, 75, Jefferson County with “other factors” that contributed to his death


42 from Oklahoma

  • Man, 50s, Pawnee County
  • Man, 55, Berryhill


At least 54 from Maryland including:

  • Man, 60s, Baltimore County, underlying medical conditions.
  • Man, 60s, Prince George’s
  • Woman, 40s, with underlying medical conditions


21 from Kansas including:

  • Dennis Wilson, 70s, with underlying health conditions, Life Care Center, Kansas
  • Johnson County, no details


At least 43 from Tennessee including: 2 from Davidson, Tennessee

  • Man, 73, with underlying health conditions
  • Patient at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, with underlying health conditions

Washington D.C.

At least 21 in Washington D.C. including:

  • Woman, 65, with underlying health conditions
  • Member of Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in America


At least 24 in Minnesota including:

1 Patient, 80s, with underlying medical conditions

North Carolina

At least 29 from North Carolina, including: 2 from Cabarrus, North Carolina

Puerto Rico

18 from Puerto Rico including:

Woman, 48

Italian woman, 71, died 3/21/2020 after being evacuated from the Costa Luminosa cruise ship with breathing problems.

Man, 73, tourist from New York 


At least 14 from Arkansas


14 from Delaware (plus one who died out of state) including:

Man, 86, resident of Little Sisters of the Poor Jeanne Jugan Residence, with underlying medical conditions

Man, 76, with underlying health conditions

South Dakota

2 from South Dakota including:

Man, 60-69, with underlying medical conditions 

North Dakota

3 from North Dakota including:

Man, 90s, with underlying health conditions


At least 44 from Alabama


8 from Utah including:

Man, over 60, Davis Co., with underlying health conditions


4 from Alaska including:

Woman, 63, with underlying medical conditions


11 from Iowa including:

Patient, over 81, in Poweshiek County

Patient, between 61 and 80, in Allamakee County

Patient, between 61 and 80, no other info released

New Hampshire

9 from New Hampshire including:

Man, over 60, with “multiple underlying health issues”

Man, over 60


8 from Nebraska including:

Ralph Marasco, 59, died from what was initially thought to be heart disease but tests positive for coronavirus, “suffered from serious underlying health conditions”

Woman, 60s, “hospitalized with underlying health issues”

New Mexico

11 from New Mexico including:

Man, late 70s, with “multiple chronic underlying health issues


3 from Hawaii

Rhode Island

17 from Rhode Island including:

Man, 80s, with underlying health conditions

Patient, 70s, with underlying health conditions


10 from Maine including:

Man 80s, no other details released


6 from Montana including:

Jim Tomlin, 77


4 from Guam including:

Woman, 68, died 3/21/2020, had “other conditions including end-stage renal disease, diabetes and hypertension. The patient and her family decided she would not undergo extreme life-saving measures, such as life support.”


0 from Wyoming

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147 thoughts on “UPDATED: The first 1,881 U.S. coronavirus deaths by state and age”

  1. “ 27 deaths from Life Care Center, Kirkland (46% of total US deaths) “

    Not all of these deaths are actually confirmed attributable to the Coronavirus. Surmised.

    1. A nursing home in Kirkland, WA is a prime location for Vitamin D deficiency. This is due to the high latitude (low UV), overcast skies (lower UV), winter season (even lower UV) and old skin (low conversion of UV to vitaminD). There are a number of articles on NIH ( google search using “influenza vitamin d nih” ) describing and explaining the correlation between low vitamin D levels and influenza. In particular:

      “On the other hand, it is well known that there is a seasonality to influenza that correlates well with the seasonal drop in vitamin D or 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25[OH]D) levels.2 Levels of 25(OH)D are quite low in nursing home residents, and supplementation with 2000 IU of vitamin D can bring levels to normal safely in most patients.3 The use of vitamin D as a prophylactic for influenza has shown promise in prevention of illness and reduction of secondary asthma in children.”

      “Vitamin D for influenza”

      At the very least, the nursing home residents should have their vitamin D levels checked. The test is cheap, supplementation is even cheaper.

      1. Thank you…I think a LOT of this WuFlu is other stuff that was caught (good ol’ Norovirus) and then turned into pneumonia or whatever..

        1. On the contrary, there are probably many people with mild symptoms, who think it is just a cold and people with no symptoms, who have no idea. Many are not confirmed cases, never even tested, so never counted. It is no doubt much bigger than we realize.

          1. If there are more people that have it and don’t get tested, all that does is lower the mortality percentage (you can bet people who are dying ARE being tested), that leaves more survivors who never get tested. Proving that this is overblown to the nth. This thing does NOT warrant the complete shutdown of all society.

      2. Indie media backer---

        When we use the term “internet search” (or just “search”) instead of using their preferred term, “google search” it helps take some of their power away, a nice habit to develop. (Even nicer—not using them.)

        Every time we put their brand name into print for no reason, we are giving free publicity and advertising to this uber-powerful, multi-national (globalist) and politically biased corporation — that works to control our speech, invade our privacy, record and sell our data, influence our thought/information received, and to rig our elections.

    2. Mr. Brennan from NJ had emphysema and hypertension as well. Rita Fusco Jackson, who also died in Freehold, got it from her brothers who trained horses with Brennan. They’re both in bad shape I heard. Honestly I’m not sure about her physical condition prior & would rather not speculate. One California, I believe Sacramento was in a long term care facility. Rita passed Thursday, her results came back Saturday. Of all the cases I’ve researched Rita appears to be the most atypical.

  2. However, it could equal or surpass the 2018-2019 season’s 34,200 flu-related deaths. Overall, the CDC estimates that 12,000 and 61,000 deaths annually since 2010 can be blamed on the flu. Globally, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that the flu kills 290,000 to 650,000 people per year.Feb 11, 2020

    1. Beverly Schoborg

      Why can’t people realize that this is a manufactured crisis! It’s the flu with a new name! People die from it all the time. The difference is Trump is the President.

      1. This is not a manufactured crisis. This is real life and a real threat. The virus does not care about politics. Trump is not to blame for this crisis but he is responsible for the government’s response. He did dismantle the US Pandemic response team in 2018. That is a fact. We have been slow to respond and now death is at our door. I am sorry that you have no idea how bad things are about going to become. If you are older or have older loved ones please believe this is real, stock up, and isolate now.

        1. Actually…a witness running this department testified to the false information promoted by the media. This NEVER happened. Total false report!!!

        2. V. R. (Barney) Brandenburg

          According to the WaPo, Trump DID NOT fire the NSC Pandemic response team. The entire NSC had become bloated, and the administration reduced numbers and reorganized, but the bio defense team remains in place.

          1. he most certainly did..and admitted it himself….” i dont like having people sitting around doing nothing…we can call them back if we need them” Donald Trump March 2020

        3. Emma, you may want to revisit the accusations regarding a trump dismantling… it’s another media propaganda attack that is debunked.

          1. Jan 14, 2020 – WHO tells everyone don’t worry because China says coronavirus isn’t contagious.

        4. Emma, if you want to assert that a tiny “National Security Council directorate” equates to the “US Pandemic response team”
          then you are repeating pure nonsense.

      2. Fool,go learn things.
        1) base virus stolen by Chinese from Canada
        2) Chinese agents expelled,went back to their lab in Wuhan
        3) Wuhan lab modified the virus,spliced in HIV acid base
        4) accidentally or intentionally it escaped
        5) first type a of virus infected and killed
        6) then mutated and became airborne
        7)type 2-7 are current mutations in world,everyone trying to get ahead of
        8) the virus is sars-cov-2; the disease that comes from it is covid-19,Wuhan virus
        9) the disease even if recovered from has long term effects,lung scarring,pulmonary issues,breathing capabilities etc
        10) covid-19 causes among other things overproduction of body resources to fight germs like HIV and can cause death
        11)patient zero had no association with markets etc.,Coronas are typically created,patented,and then manufactured
        12) it is highly doubtful this was an accident

        1. Where did you get this information? Suspected it but had no source other than a couple of news reports describing how virus escaped Wuhan lab.

        2. Your primary source of information? I genuinely would be interested in reading the scientific evidence stated here.

        3. The differences in opinion are interesting to watch.You seem to state a Resident Evil type of scenario with your comment then I read someone else says its simply a hoax. What is evident to me is now that truth isnt truth anymore and we are able to comment on others statements freely.
          I would put the current state of affairs for the human population as confused. This virus is just another symptom of that.
          I have no opinion on who is right or who is wrong. The relevant thing is there simply is no truth any longer. This ultimately is what will not end well.

      3. you nailed it! It’s obvious to most, and if u shut out “the news” its common sense.
        all about context. numbers mean nothing outside of context.
        placed side-by-side with other stuff, its nothing, but “the news” won’t publish like that. too bad for the sucker born every minute.

        1. In all fairness, governments panic as well as individuals. Because there’s always an individual or a few individuals calling the shots. There’s a lot of noise about all of this, but who do you believe? So do you err on the side of caution or bravado?
          No politician that wants to get re-elected wants to be the one who underestimated a virus OR overestimated it.
          That’s why they resist at first but then suddenly fall like dominoes.. As soon as one governmental entity folds, the rest then do the same because they can use the others doing so as political cover. “We all thought it was going to get bad., which is why we did what we did” is the excuse if they turn out to have been overly cautious. No one wants to be the regime that let people die because they didn’t believe what everyone else believed. It’s the proverbial dam bursting from a few leaks. Governments have to deal with uncertainty just like we do.

      4. maybe not manufactured, but certain people are sure using this to scare people into NOT voting for him as the scare has caused businesses to shut down and then a recession will insue….and they LOVE that.

      5. That’s about right, in a nutshell. That’s my take. There’s lots we don’t know. But there’s lots we do. This virus could be a Chinese virus from Fort Detrick. It’s a virus that Nathan Rich shows is on the list of bugs they were using there, apparently experimenting on animals (since they hired someone trained to work with animals, as Rich points out). It’s pretty coincidental that you have an incidence of various sorts of illnesses in the area of Fort Detrick (vaping illness ‘clusters’ [vaping is ‘not’ contagious!], flues. Were those covid 19 outbreaks courtesy of a bioweapons lab at Fort Detrick that the CDC, who has a super surveillance system, issued an order to to shut down due to containment problems?

        I agree with Michel Chossudovsky that this virus is a nasty flu type of virus but certainly not the vicious killer that Big Pharma-funded tv and other tools are saying it is. The (unmanipulated) numbers don’t warrant the label of ‘pandemic’ in fact, is my understanding. (They labelled this outbreak [of correctly labelled covid 19] a pandemic before anything much had happened! That tells you something!)

        It’s established that the ground zero for the virus was not the Wuhan fish market. How the virus got to China is still a matter of speculation (5 coronaviruses in the US and one type in China). Why let a good crisis go to waste is how the American ruling class thinks. Perhaps they took the virus there in order to cover their asses and score some geopolitical points in the process. Perhaps it was an accident (the simulation exercises they held in Wuhan just prior to the reported outbreak in China that included American delegates), but again, they took advantage. There’s some (on the surface anyway) contradictory information there, in that if the whole thing was planned (rather than just planned for), then an ‘accidental’ escape of the virus from Fort Detrick would kind of not make sense. As I said, We don’t have all of the facts. But it is a fact that Trump is now gleefully talking about a Chinese virus. That’s what the US ruling class does. It’s lawless and belligerent and absolutely fascist. (I have no use for a Chinese ruling class that imposes a terrifying social credit system on its people, either.)

      6. Beverly, I agree with you. Looking at the death rates, I don’t see the argument for this being worse than a typical flu season. Additionally, so many of the deaths attributed to covid 19 would have occurred anyway. Is the number of deaths in March 2020 any higher than it was in March 2019? I don’t see how it could be. We are seeing the power of a globally consolidated media friendly to CCP in China when they decide to yell FIRE in crowded theater.

  3. What puzzles myself is how was it determined to be the virus that caused these deaths. What testing method do they perform on the deceased to verify that the virus was the cause of death.

    1. What testing methods do they perform on the deceased to verify that the flu, or cancer, or any other disease was the cause of death?

      Inference and deduction. They tested positive, their symptoms caused or exascerbated the phisiological responses that lead to their death.

      The actual “cause” of most deaths, one could argue ALL deaths, is cardiac arrest. But usually other things lead to that. If those can be traced back to symptoms the virus they tested positive for causes, it’s a pretty good bet the virus triggered the downward spiral that led to their cardiac arrest.

      1. Correct. Cardiac arrest. My mother died from “cardiac arrest”. She went into the hospital with a blood glucose level of over 1600. The ER doctor said that was the highest blood glucose level he had ever seen on someone still breathing. She never made it out of PCU.
        Know where diabetes was on her death certificate? Nowhere.
        She died from cardiac arrest.
        The diabetes led to her death but it is nowhere on her death certificate.

        1. My father- in law’s death certificate states cause of death SMOKING that was during the hearings the man was 84 a real heavy drinker all his life he weigh under 100lbs.and in a nursing home. End of story

    2. exactly this what you said here. I want to know what tests they have, what their accuracy is, how they got them so fast (detect the sarcasm here?). want to hear the heroic detailed accounts showing proving the science of these tests to the scientifically savvy. show us the science!

    3. Thank you so much for concise straightforward information with no opinion mixed in… this topic that just needs the facts right now, and this is perfect, thank you.

  4. Good info, thanks.
    Is it also possible to get data on the race of coronavirus victims? I have heard rumors that people of East Asian heritage are most susceptible, but if true I don’t expect the media to report it. (They have already decided that identifying the virus’s origin as China is ‘zenophobic’.)

    1. I came to the comment section to say ask as well. That is information I would like to know. They very carefully don’t mention race data in the MSM any more, I guess it would be racist to talk about genetic differences.

      Thank you very much for compiling this list as it is though, Sharyl..

    2. It isn’t that the COVID-19 virus attacks East Asians with more virulence (Italy would be your evidence of that).

      The most affected peoples are 1) older people with underlying health issues (particularly lung issues), and 2) people with significant lung damage due to smoking and/or industrial smog.

      Guess who has plenty of both categories? China and Italy.

      Italy has already been reported that it declared that the very aged and infirm who contract COVID-19 will not be treated. Italy also has single payer health care, so this “death panel” decision would be expected of such a system. It also causes the death rate for this virus to be abnormally high.

      China has no environmental guards on its industry or its coal plants. Each of their big cities has a huge layer of haze and smog, to one degree or another. Human life is very cheap there. The image of the successful person smokes cigarettes (so prevalent here in the USA in the 50’s-70’s is very much in vogue there.

      Data is beginning to emerge, even at the start of this infection cycle, that people with underlying health and lung issues fair far worse being infected with COVID-19 than the healthy general population.

      Most people are recovering, and are saying it is pretty much like a case of influenza.

  5. I hope this trend continues with respect to the people that have passed away I am sorry that they died but the threats of this virus seem low. I concur with an article I read stating this virus may have been in the US as early as last year. Barring a mutation that increases the danger of the virus we may be OK.
    I am still perplexed by the global response of shut down though.

    1. me too…it’s WAY over the top and may lead to serious financial catastrophes which is what some people want so they can vote Trump out of office…hope many see through this! THINK people!

  6. I am curious Sharyl, after the report the military released about vaccine interference from the flu shot, how many of these people do you think got that vaccine? These are great majority elderly so I am going to guess most or all. Just sayin.

  7. Thank you Sharyl Atttkisson,for keeping us informed. There are over 4800 cancer cases diagnosed every day with over 606,880 deaths from various cancers every year or 1660 people daily. We now have 61 deaths in about a month put this into perspective and that the majority are over 60 and had underlying health issues and that we have never been told if their death was actually from Corona. Let’s all get a grip.

  8. I’m interested in knowing — from whom did that first health-care worker contract the virus and then passed it among patients there in WA? Who was he/she in contact with from China or another country, or did it develop out of the blue?

  9. Stats from Ann Coulter (Twitter)

    Data from quarantined liner Diamond Princess (the perfect natural laboratory to study a virus)
    — 3,711 on board
    — 705 tested positive for Wuhan Virus
    — 6 died (all were over 70)

    –Fatality rate 0.85%

    1. Christine Cooney

      It would be interesting to compare the number of deaths of various age groups this year compared to last. And, in the future, this year compared to next.

    2. That is, fatality rate .85% for elderly on that cruise. How many of that 3700 passengers were elderly.. Mortality for the general public will more than likely go way down when we can figure out the number of people who caught it.

  10. Good information – thank you!

    I think theres too much focus on the death rates. It is certainly an important factor, however the biggest problem caused by this virus seems to be the impact on the hospitals. Italian hospitals are getting overwhelmed by the sheer number of patients, around 10% of those afflicted are requiring intensive care and they are running out of beds. Once your beds are full where do people go for their non-CV medical needs like strokes and heart attacks?

    1. Italy has a healthcare program that is a regionally based national health service known as Servizio Sanitario Nazionale (SSN). It provides universal coverage to citizens and residents, with public healthcare largely free of charge. In the U.S. we still have privately owned hospitals that have a far greater capacity to treat the ill. This is why so many of us fight a government controlled healthcare system.

  11. Thanks for this info.

    Here are some interesting questions and wonder if “the officials” could provide answers to this:

    Was CV declared to be the cause of death/s?

    Or, did the elderly tested before or after death and they tested positive?

    What was the specific test that was given and who certified the results of the test? (Keep in mind the false positives that have been published for test kits.)

    This doesn’t necessarily mean that somebody died from it. At any given time, people may test positive for XYZ cold or flu category of viruses.

    Autopsies done?

    Who did the autopsies, if so?

    What is on the death certificates as cause of death?

    Who signed those death cerificates?
    Was the same individual / small group of people for all of the deaths in Washington State and in particular those from the care facility in Kirkland?

    What was the span of time in which all the elderly people were pronounced dead who were at the Life Care Center in Kirkland?

    Has there ever been this many deaths in a short span of time at this facility, if a short span of time? ( If the time span is particularly short, or particularly long from a logical standpoint, this would produce follow up questions of “officals”).

    If it was a longer than a logical span of time, what’s going on?

    What is the total population of that nursing care facility?

    Governor Jay inslee declared a state of emergency I believe within 24 hours of the 1st death in this nursing care facility.

    Was there any paperwork of autopsies and/or death certificates provided to Jay Inslee (governor of WA state)?

    What about test results.

    What was the protocol and are communication dynamic among the staff at the care facility in Kirkland and the Washington State government / Jay Inslee.

    1. All good questions and I want to add. The full medical chart should be analyzed and published, pRe-existing illness, and all the medical interventions and all medications. There are many many case studies for harms from antiviral drugs and combinations with corticosteroids for previous coronavirus infections (multiorgan failure was reported also). First death in my country was multiorgan failure (not any disclose was given for any medication used for that~~treatment~~)

      • Ribavirin in conjunction with corticosteroids (n = 75) (6) o Prospective observational study of 2002 SARS-CoV infected patients who received treatment with ribavirin (14 days) and corticosteroids (21 days); clinical outcomes were followed for 3 weeks. o After initial improvement of fever and pneumonia, 85% of patients developed recurrent fever after 8.9 days, 73% had watery diarrhea after 7.5 days, 80% had radiological worsening after 7.4 days, and 45% had worsening respiratory symptoms after 8.6 days. In 45% of patients, improvement of initial pulmonary lesions was associated with appearance of new radiographic lesions at other sites. o After three weeks, 12% developed spontaneous pneumomediastinum and 20% developed acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).

  12. Re: The deaths that specifically were at Kirkland WA Life Care Center and also the one in Kansas City:

    Here’s some background :

    Life Care’s founder, chairman and CEO, Forrest Preston, personally named in government False Claims Act suit.

    Forrest Preston is worth over 1.1 billion as quoted by web search.

    The US Department of Justice closed a settlement that was made with Life Care Center facilities for their rampant over billing.

    Beecher Hunter is current president of this multi million dollar company.

  13. My husband and I are horrified at what is being done to this country. I am a huge supporter of President Trump, but I blame him for encouraging the mass-hysteria by decreeing National Emergency. This gave each State in this country a free hand at closing government and businesses. In Ohio where I live, the (RINO) governor Mike DeWine is closing schools, colleges, libraries, restaurants–God only knows what’s next. He said he wouldn’t be surprised if schools would only open next year! Trust government to screw things up!

    1. The National Emergency allows funds to be released to help those who need it. Each state (i.e. THE PEOPLE in those states) need to bring control to their government. The Gov of IL just ‘decreed’ that all bars and restaurants must close. If this is followed, the sheep will be sheered. We have become totally gutless as a nation…..This should be a great lesson and shine a light on the MAJOR differences between red states and blue states. Note the heavy-hand of the Democrats. In the end, we get what we voted for.

    2. I’m a President Trump supporter, too, and I do not blame him for the actions of any governors. Each state has the absolute power to declare a state of emergency, and pass any laws to take care of that emergency, so you can’t blame this on him.

      I’m hearing reports of business as usual in a few places in the country and wondering why they’re just not worried about it.

      We are resilient. There are many ways to educate your children at home. I was a home schooler from k-12 … with no college education. Educational requirements are available online for all states. Every bit of the information to fulfill those requirements is available somewhere on the internet. You don’t have to act like a teacher or set up a household to look like a classroom for your child to learn. If you do even 50% of those requirements, you will be doing more than a public education teacher manages to do. Great people, but they’re human, too.

      This will be an exercise in maintaining common sense, and it has already encouraged millions to support each other.

      That’s the positive side of things.

      1. Besides, he has to declare a national emergency to temporarily set aside certain laws to protect us. He has done that. Kudos to him.

      2. President Trump’s medical advisors and the CDC are pushing guidelines that the governors are using to close businesses, schools, churches, etc. Fauci wants a two week national curfew and/or a national shutdown. Trump should be in control of the message. On the one hand he said to remain calm and then Fauci and the CDC get on the Sunday morning talk shows and talk about this going weeks or months and be prepared to hunker down. That is creating the panic, along with governors declaring state of emergency and taking the steps to shut down schools, businesses and churches.

        The buck stops with Trump, whether he likes it or not. One can delegate authority but not responsibility for the government’s response to this coronavirus crisis.

        If he lets Fauci have his way and get a national curfew or national shutdown like Italy, Trump will be a one-term president, and I voted for him. The stock market and economy will tank if that happens. Then is the cure worse than the disease?

    3. I support Trump, and decidedly do NOT blame him for the media’s hyperbolic vitriol creating this scenario.

      Take a really good look at WHO is shutting down their cities and states: the Blue crowd. Yes, the Democrats and RINO’s – the very ones who simply could not accept the results of the 2016 election, and have tried everything they could to take out Trump and paint him in the most ugliest shades they could.

      Like it or not, Trump did not politicize this; the media and the Democrats/RINO’s have. They are the ones to be held accountable.

      In the meantime, like it or not, we have to deal with the hyperbolic panic foisted upon us in a constructive manner, so that we not only beat this COVID-19, but also those who gleefully wish to cause the crash of huge sectors of our economy because they can’t get over their political temper-tantrum.

  14. I was outside of the Kirkland WA Life Care Center and the first death attributed to this was Feb 26 2020.

    I believe I may have been talking to a family member who seemed to be visiting their loved ones through the windows who knows about this since she has somebody she knows and loves and side.

    It is closed to visitors due to a sign that says respiratory outbreak.

  15. Sheryl,

    Thank you presenting the facts and allowing us to make rational decisions. Although it shouldn’t surprise me, this information is impossible to find in the normal news outlets. Please continue to put forth this information. Also really enjoyed your book.

  16. It would be interesting to compare the number of deaths of various age groups this year compared to last. And, in the future, this year compared to next.

  17. Ms. Attkisson:
    Thank you for the information. I’m an EVS supervisor at one of the hospitals that’s been dealing with this from the start. Do you have more information on the Life Care Center deaths? I can’t help but think that these deaths are an anomaly to the broader picture.

  18. I thought everybody who died had underlying medical conditions, or was at least well over 70. I’m seeing a lot of victims in their 60’s or even 50’s with no indication of pre-existing problems. Maybe they had issues, but they aren’t documented.

    I’m 67. Maybe I ought to change my poll response from “not much” to “somewhat,” even though I’m in pretty good health.

  19. You morons. The Pandemic “team” to which you refer consisted of staff weenies in the office of the National Security Adviser. It was another level of bureaucracy created by Obama, within the White House.

  20. I would really love if you would add in your graph the age bracket of under 50-65 years of age.
    It would also be really helpful to know if the individual had any previous health issues.

  21. Hi Sharyl, This is a highly interesting discussion of the current situation by a Swiss doctor: https://swprs.org/a-swiss-doctor-on-covid-19/

    Ultimately, I honestly believe that among all the journalists out there, only YOU will be able to clarify this whole situation, as you did in 2009/2010. Nobody else has the skills and the knowledge.

  22. There are nonpartisan articles about the USA and outbreak preparedness. The USA has been lacking in preparedness for decades.

    The US Pandemic Response Team ran out of ….one….time…. funding. Trump had nothing to do with that.
    One time funding means the money ran out so the people involved had to leave.

    Congress controls the purse strings. In 2009 Susan Collins, Dem./Maine voted to cut the CDC funding by almost One Billion dollars. Other Democrats supported this.
    Congress decides who gets what and how much.

    The Obama administration…..”required state run laboratories to….only….run…. medical tests…. pre-approved….. by the FDA”.
    The approval process was designed on purpose to limit approved laboratories. The approval process had nothing to do with high standards.

    During the H1N1 outbreak, a team of scientists were working on a vaccine. The Obama administration told them to “Ceast and Desist”. The scientists went to Australia to keep working on developing a vaccine.
    Under Obama many American scientists went to other countries to work on vaccines, etc because of Obama.

    The federal government can only do so much. State politicians must also do their part.

    The media is fear mongering and creating panic…..no different than yelling Fire in a crowded theater.
    The media continues their blatant lies. The media barely reported on the H1N1.

    1,000 people died of H1N1 before Obama acted.
    Up to 60,000 people in just the USA die from flu every year.

    During Ebola outbreak, Obama did not act to keep the virus out, and it is deadlier than Covid-19 virus.
    My cousin is on a city emergency response team during virus outbreaks. She is a nurse with a Master’s Degree, and high up in administration at her hospital. During Ebola, the CDC refused to cooperate with hospitals and response teams. Money was never distributed, supplies were never distributed. The CDC was difficult to deal with; it did not do its job.

    Thank You Sharyl Attkisson for reporting facts and truth.

    1. the media didn’t hype any disasters under o-bo-mo because they supported him. if he were president today, the corona virus would be a blip on the screen.

  23. It would be very helpful if you could do something similar for flu deaths.

    Of course you could not be so detailed but I’d like to see the “by age” breakdown of the 30K, 40K or 50K people who die from the flu every year.

  24. I have talked to a dr that believes there is a 5G connection to Coronavirus. That 5G seriously compromises the immune system, among other things. The more 5G is rolled out in this country, the more illnesses we will see.
    Could you address this sometime?

  25. Sharyl….please post the number of recovered statistics for the US. It is very odd to me that the media is not reporting the number of recovered outside of China and Iran.



  26. Please, if you are so confident in the medical-scientific basis of your views, discuss them with Michael Osterholm of CIDRAP (as guest ,or offline if you fear embarassment). Curiously, Joe Rogan had the courage to have him on as a guest.

    Meanwhile, though personally satisfying to engage with/preach to the choir, you are helping no one by selectively reporting bits of the much more revealing Covid global morbidity and mortality data. If you will not consult the most reliable experts—who indeed look at all the data (not just snippets that support a pre-formed opinion)—you cannot become the layperson’s equivalent of one.

    So yes, the oldest are being seen as the first Covid casualties; the infirm and compromised were in the vaguard to die in 1918 as well, but they were not the only or last to die then, nor will they be now. Yes, many will recover, and it cheers the soul to hear when they do, but many will indeed die—and many more than necessary if case-demand spikes creating shortfalls in the health care they need. Yes, it appears that the younger fare better, but less so if the whole of the available data are considered—the numbers of seriously ill that are younger than 40 are still staggering, if one is honest in reviewing all the data. And the anticipated under-40 fatality rate there, even if smaller—are you willing to accept responsibility for encouraging youthful behaviour that leads to it being larger than it needs be (c.f. NBC, your former news agency, etc., on the Clearwater fiasco)?

    So please, be a part of the solution. Encourage a slowing of the spread so that those less fortunate and financed than you do not end up—as Yascha Mounk reports in the 11 March 2020 issue of The Atlantic (“The Extraordinary Decisions Facing Italian Doctors”)—on the fatal end of an ICU doc’s agonizing to-treat-or-not-to-treat decision (see Mounk).

    Finally, “It’s not as bad as they say” is, in your case, given your audience, a self-serving point—and in this case, ignorance and selfishness is societally dangerous. If you continue along this Pied Piper path, I hope you offer to give up your ICU slot to any one of your listeners/readers who so assiduously have followed you on this mortally important subject.

  27. Will you be updating the info? I’ve seen it’s been 2 days since last update! Please if you can it is very informative and I appreciate all the hard work you’ve done.

  28. I would like to focus on New York City as a comparative analysis between the national epidemic of Influenza and the recent outbreak of the SARS-CoV-2 variant of coronavirus (a.k.a. COVID-19).

    Here is New York State’s website that tracks influenza by county and region.

    See: https://nyshc.health.ny.gov/web/nyapd/new-york-state-flu-tracker

    Notice that so far, New York City has reported a total of 2,413 influenza cases.

    The total number of COVID-19 cases is 2,469 to date

    See: https://coronavirus.health.ny.gov/county-county-breakdown-positive-cases .
    So this raises an important question; why are patients with symptoms very similar between COVID-19 and influenza, not being tested for influenza as well, since the number of cases for both diseases are nearly identical?

    There is a medical term call comorbidity, which means a patient having more than one illness at the same time. If patients were tested for influenza and found to be positive, that would alter the treatment regimen, which could lead to a more successful outcome,

    The clinicians are not recognizing the importance of testing for influenza with patients who are symptomatic for both diseases instead of just COVID-19. This is a mistake in my opinion and neglecting to include influenza skews the mortality numbers towards COVID-19 alone.

  29. As you scroll down and read the comments its interesting to see the slight change in peoples comments. They seem to follow the arc of the spread of the virus. Less “its a hoax” to more “this is real”.
    I myself had to make a decision that contradicts my original point of the shut down being an over reaction. I literally do not know any more than I did when I made that comment. But I was left a choice to either expose parents and children to potential infection or just communicate via Skype. Given the
    two I had to aire on the side of caution. That said I find this comment by Ms. Atkisson interesting.
    This was answer she gave to a commenter on here asking Ms. Atkisson if she would keep the virus update numbers updated.

    Sharyl Attkisson says
    MARCH 16, 2020 AT 10:27 PM
    “I’m afraid it will soon be beyond my bandwidth! But I’m trying”

    What does bandwidth have to do with staying current with daily numbers?
    Maybe bandwidth was a metaphor for her efforts or something?
    It shouldn’t have ANYTHING to do with literal bandwidth

  30. “So this raises an important question; why are patients with symptoms very similar between COVID-19 and influenza, not being tested for influenza as well”
    Now how would you know they are not? For instance I watched one story in which a person had flu like symptoms and they were tested for the flu and tested negative to it. Then they had to fight to get the Covid 19 test which they indeed had. So conversely can be happening as well.
    Unless you have proof of what you say your comment is just as much guess work as mine.
    Ideally a full band of tests should be given until a solution is found. Given that I see the chances of ANY tests being given as a crap shoot at best. You will get what you get then probably have to beg if Covid 19 isnt checked.

  31. I concur with those who contend this was, and is, not an accidental release. There are hotspots such as Northern Italy & New Orleans that lead me to presume this is an intentional release which is still occurring and will continue.

  32. High dose (30,000 IU/day) Vitamin D3 is an effective treatment against cold and flu (influenza, rhinovirus, and coronavirus) viruses. This statement is the conclusion of 25 randomized/placebo controlled medical studies with 10933 participants. Vitamin D3 is a potent immunomodulator and plays an important role in antiviral immune responses that inhibit virus replication.


    The treatment used in multiple medical studies is quite simple. Take A) 50,000 IU 1X dose weekly; or B) 10,000 IU 3X dose daily for 2 to 3 days in a weekly cycle (60,000-90,000 IU/week).

    Claim 1: Vitamin D3 for Influenza

    “The results are dramatic, with complete resolution of symptoms in 48 to 72 hours. One-time doses of vitamin D at this level have been used safely and have never been shown to be toxic.
    ” – Gerry Schwalfenberg, MD CCFP FCFP

    Source: NIH/Pubmed, PMC4463890

    Claim 2: Vitamin D3 for Rhinovirus

    “A recent systematic review encompassing 10933 participants in 25 randomized controlled trials concluded that vitamin D supplementation reduced the risk of acute respiratory infection, with stronger protective effects in patients with baseline 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels <25 nmol/l.
    " – Dr. Peter Barlow BSc PhD FHEA FRSB

    Source: NIH/Pubmed, PMC6136076

    Claim 3: Vitamin D3 for Respiratory viruses (i.e. Coronavirus)

    "The evidence for the possible link between vitamin D and respiratory disease (e.g. Coronaviruses) comes from multiple studies." – Carlos A. Camargo, Jr, MD, DrPHb

    "Coronaviruses also have been linked to lower respiratory tract disease in children (40), including the strains NL-63 (41) or New Haven (42), and HKU1 (43-45)." – Carlos A. Camargo, Jr, MD, DrPHb

    Source: NIH/Pubmed, PMC2810250

  33. We have filed a lawsuit against Arizona governor Doug Ducey alleging that his COVID-19 declaration of state of emergency is an unconstitutional infringement on the 5th and 14th amendment.

    A hearing on this matter is set for April 9, 2020, in Coconino County Superior Court.

    If you’d like more information on this lawsuit please email me and I’ll send you PDF’s of the suit and exhibits.

  34. almost everyone who has died had underlying medical conditions. how do you tell if they died from those or from the virus? you can’t. the only deaths listed for corona-virus should be those who died with only the corona-virus. those numbers would be much less than what we now have. only those who test positive or already have medical problems should be quarantined. everyone else should be allowed to live their lives.

  35. A 6-week-old baby died in the United States from COVID-19 and was the youngest victim of coronavirus in the world.
    “A 6-week-old newborn from the Hartford area in United State was brought unresponsive to a hospital late last week and had died from COVID-19 .” He was the youngest victim of coronavirus in the world.
    “It is a sadness that breaks my heart,” said the governor of the state of Connecticut. In Chicago, a 9-month-old boy had already died from COVID-19 earlier.

    1. Sharyl Attkisson

      We are so fortunate that child and baby deaths from coronavirus are almost unheard of. I hope they stay very rare. In Connecticut, they dialed back from the official reporting: “An official cause of death remains outstanding pending toxicology results, and officials said it is possible the child died not from the virus but from an underlying condition, sudden infant death syndrome or positional asphyxiation.
      In the absence of that official determination Friday, Lamont and Connecticut State Epidemiologist Matthew Cartter retreated from directly connecting the cause of the infant’s death to the virus.”
      Of course one, two, or three are too many. CDC is looking into 3 child deaths in US but has not concluded any of them were caused by coronavirus yet.That is because they are testing all people who die for the virus no matter what they died of.. then they have to sort out if the test is positive if they were asymptomatic or if coronavirus made them sick and contributed to death or if it entirely caused their death. From CDC: Three deaths were reported during this time period, though they are suspected of having COVID-19, public officials are still working to confirm whether that was the likely cause of the deaths.

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