One of the 1st coronavirus antibody studies just began (PODCAST)

Stanford Dr. Jay Bhattacharya is conducting one of the first scientific antibody studies to learn how many Americans already had coronavirus but never knew it, and might be immune.

He says some of the numbers out there are deeply flawed.
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3 thoughts on “One of the 1st coronavirus antibody studies just began (PODCAST)”

  1. Thanks, Sharyl. I’ve had a Google Alert and been following Dr. Bhattacharya’s work. This was a terrific summary. I’ll also point interested folks to edidemiologist Hendrik Streek’s ongoing work on this in Germany, as well as tests of water and wastewater in Massachusetts & The Netherlands. It’s suggestive – but not conclusively so – to support Dr. Bhattacharya’s hypotheses. Stay safe, everyone.

  2. Sharyl, can you make a more smartphone/tablet friendly version of your web page. The headlines get scrunched together. I also love your book The Smear…it was very informative for me to find propaganda, transactional journalism, PR stunts and plain smears in the articles I read. Thanks for all you do!

  3. Could it be that Bill Gates et al want to push their profiteering agenda of a dubious vaccine and mandator vaccination for all? This parasite is no medical expert yet he has ‘opinion ” pieces published in reputable medical journals. Worth investing !

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