POLL: 59% not concerned that COVID-19 will negatively impact their child’s learning

The majority of parents (59%) are not concerned about COVID-19 having a negative impact on their child’s education. But 42% of people polled say the are worried about their children’s education in light of COVID-19. That’s according to a recent Gallup poll.

Seven out of ten parents of children in kindergarten through high school say their child is in an online distance learning program run by their school. Eleven percent (11%) of parents of K-12 students say their child is getting no organized education.

A majority of parents do not favor extending the school year into the summer. However, 27% say the school year should be extended into the summer.

Click on the link below to read the poll story in Gallup.com:

Gallup poll story: Are parents worried about negative impact of COVID-19 on their child’s education?

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1 thought on “POLL: 59% not concerned that COVID-19 will negatively impact their child’s learning”

  1. As a high school teacher for several decades, I’d say the 42% are smarter than the other group (the 58-59%). Learning cannot be effectively improved with “machinery” or “technology when there is greater separation between students and teachers. The personal link is incalculably vital.

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