POLL: Most say they would try Hydroxychloroquine

Ninety-six percent (96%) of those who responded to the latest unscientific poll at SharylAttkisson.com say they would try the malaria medication Hydroxychloroquine if they had coronavirus.

More than 3,200 people weighed in, making it one of our most popular poll questions ever.

Twenty percent (20%) said they would try the medicine because “Trump recommended it.” Seventy-six percent (76%) said they would try it for other reasons.

If you got sick with coronavirus would you try Hydroxychloroquine?

<1% No, because Trump recommended it

1% No, for other reasons

3% Maybe

20% Yes, because Trump recommended it

76% Yes, for other reasons

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6 thoughts on “POLL: Most say they would try Hydroxychloroquine”

  1. I was in Vietnam, (Phulam Signal battalion) 1968-1969 and to prevent malaria, we were required to take a large light brown pill every Monday morning. We called them crap pills because they made us have a runny poop that day. 🙁 I assume every Army person in country did the same.

    Donald Bauer

  2. Check out Rasmussen polls. Talk about a tribal mentality. Less than 25% f democrats say they would use it, more than 55% of republicans say they would use it. Then there are undecideds in the middle. But if Trump says its good, democrats are running for the hills. Maybe even their own graves.

  3. I took Chloroquine (not the Hydroxy form) in 1991 during Desert Storm due to malaria symptoms.
    I had no issues and would take it again if I had to.

  4. I took an anti-malarial as a child in the 60s, when in the Far East.
    I have not yet died suddenly.
    They act as prophylactics.
    Indian Tonic Water was invented as an anti malarial – I take a daily measure or two.

  5. My brother who has been in ICU for a month, was supposed to get the HCL treatment never got it because his wife hates Trump, took over his treatment, nixed the treatment, and he has been in a medically induced coma.
    She also will not speak to me, a retired nurse flight attendant, I am not permited to speak to any of the drs or nurses, I have to go through her.
    I would buy you a ticket , to come to Walnut Creek, to do an investigative story, because I need to shine the light on this injustice, maybe save his life help
    Carol Magee 3606789123

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