READ: Flynn alleges top FBI agents “set up him” and “framed” him

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn

In a news supplement to his Motion to Dismiss a charge that he lied to the FBI, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn says that top FBI agents set him up and framed him.

According to the filing, Flynn says he only pleaded guilty because the prosecution team of Special Counsel Robert Mueller threatened to go after Flynn’s son if Gen. Flynn did not sign the plea.

The filing alleges prosecutor Brandon Van Grack negotiated the terms of the deal and improperly required them to be kept secret.

Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to FBI agent who spoke with him January 24, 2017, four days after President Trump took office. Flynn was his National Security Adviser.

Flynn”™s attorney Sidney Powell is asking the court to release the entire plea agreement, unredacted.

Depending on the terms, it can be improper or illegal to coerce a plea.

The supplement is below:

Read Flynn’s January 2020 Declaration from his Motion to Dismiss on the basis of alleged “egregious government misconduct”:

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1 thought on “READ: Flynn alleges top FBI agents “set up him” and “framed” him”

  1. Can somebody can fill me in on what the FBI does other than entrap innocents, whether perjury traps or conning some low IQ wanna be jihadi into being a patsy? Because as far as I can tell, other than the occasional gunning down of unarmed mothers holding babies without provocation (Mrs Weaver ring a bell???), they have exactly zero other duties to fulfill.

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