Slanted by Sharyl Attkisson

(REVIEWS & Video excerpts) NOW RELEASED! SLANTED: How the news media taught us to love censorship and hate journalism

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Reviews and Endorsements

Mickey Huff, Project Censored
Mickey Huff, Project Censored

For decades now, Sharyl Attkisson has deftly navigated the world of establishment journalism, refusing to kowtow to ephemeral trends or prevailing biases, cutting through the noise from the bipartisan propaganda machine inside the D.C. beltway. Her latest efforts in Slanted remind us that while censorship and disinformation campaigns are nothing new in our history, the realm of social media and so-called fact-checkers has added another layer to the deception. It is a platform rife with those who want to curate our realities, based on their own world views and interests, shadow banning inconvenient truths into an online, Orwellian memory hole. In short, the programmers and algorithms behind the big tech curtains are now the ones who “pull the wires of the public mind” (as Edward Bernays would say). They shape the master narratives for society to consume and regurgitate. We not only need to be mindful of their tactics and actions, but proactively subvert them by relying on our own critical media literacy skills while constantly vetting and broadening our information sources. In SLANTED, veteran muckraker and whistleblower champion Attkisson helps readers traverse this confusing and ever changing technocratic landscape with a compass set on transparently sourced truths, ones many in the establishment press fail to acknowledge (chief among them, the industry’s own biases and conflicts of interest). We become a much more media savvy culture as a result of her continued journalistic analysis and excellence.

Professor Mickey Huff
Director of Project Censored and president of the Media Freedom Foundation; Chair of Journalism, Diablo Valley College
Brit Hume, Journalist

Sharyl Attkisson left CBS News in search of a place that would not keep suppressing her work. She speaks from experience about the bias that dominates much of the news media today, and she writes about it with clarity and authority. Her latest book is a most interesting read.

Brit Hume 
Marcel Reid, Whistleblower Summit and Film Festival
Marcel Reid, Whistleblower Summit and Film Festival

Sharyl has an uncanny knack to see the kernel of truth in the most convoluted story. In SLANTED, she applies those skills to one of the biggest stories of our time: manipulation of information in the media. Democracies depend on an informed public. However, the public cannot learn about without fearless and honest reporting. SLANTED is just that. 

Marcel Reid
Whistleblower Summit and Film Festival
Sean Hannity
Sean Hannity, TV host

America needs a strong, honest and unconflicted news media that isn’t afraid to tell the truth in this hyperbolic and biased environment surrounding networks and news rooms everywhere. Sharyl Attkisson experienced firsthand the bias of a media outlet more concerned with politics than the truth. In SLANTED, Sharyl Attkisson helps explain why this concept seems to be evaporating before our very eyes— and provides a call to action on how to get it back, before it’s too late.

Sean Hannity
Television host
Rep. Darrell Issa
Rep. Darrell Issa

In SLANTED, Sharyl Attkisson exposes the forces behind the shocking trend that seems to have convinced so many Americans to ask for their news and information to be censored. It’s a call to action regarding free speech, access to uncensored information, and an honest and accurate press.

Rep. Darrell Issa 
Former Chairman of the House Oversight Committee
Rep. Jason Chaffetz
Rep. Jason Chaffetz

From ‘mostly-peaceful protests’ to ignoring the lies that lead to the Mueller investigation, the media increasingly gives us only the facts they want us to hear, packaged into the stories they need us to believe. Nobody explains this new dynamic better than Sharyl Attkisson.  Throughout SLANTED she exposes, based on speaking first hand with people at places she used to work, what is really happening at the biggest names in media. Prepared to be shocked and dismayed.  It truly is worse than you think.

Rep. Jason Chaffetz
Former Chairman of the House Oversight Committee
Lara Logan, Journalist
Lara Logan, Journalist

Sharyl Attkisson is a force – and one of the bravest people I know. Those working to destroy journalism wield staggering power and the number of us willing to take them on are few. But she is one of them and she does it with meticulous investigative journalism, systematically breaking down the lies and exposing the ‘liars’. I have known her a long time and there are few people I respect as much. It is impossible to overstate the significance of this book and those she wrote before this. Sharyl is one of a dying breed – one of the most reliable, impressive journalists of our time. 

Lara Logan
Investigative Journalist

The five-time Emmy Award-winning investigative reporter and New York Times bestselling author of Stonewalled and The Smear uncovers how partisan bias and gullibility are destroying American journalism.

The news as we once knew it no longer exists. It’s become a product molded and shaped to suit the narrative. Facts that don’t fit are omitted. Off-narrative people and views are controversialized or neatly deposited down the memory hole. Partisan pundits, analysts and anonymous sources fill news space leaving little room for facts. The line between opinion and fact has disappeared.

In Slanted, Sharyl Attkisson reveals with gripping detail the struggles inside newsrooms where journalism used to rule. For the first time, dozens of current and former top national news executives, producers and reporters give insider accounts, speaking with shocking candor about their industry’s devolution. 

Americans know their news diet is now filled with fast food concoctions created from talking point recipes devised by partisan and corporate interests. They see a record number of fact mistakes made by some of the world’s formerly most well-respected media outlets . . . often with no apologies. The media largely blames Donald Trump. But as this autopsy shows, the death of the news as we once knew it is self-inflicted. And the weapon was the narrative. 

Sharyl Attkisson also finds reason for hope and argues that courageous, counternarrative news reporting can revive journalism.In Slanted, Sharyl Attkisson reveals with gripping detail the struggles inside newsrooms where journalism used to rule.

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39 thoughts on “(REVIEWS & Video excerpts) NOW RELEASED! SLANTED: How the news media taught us to love censorship and hate journalism”

  1. Hi Sharyl A!
    My 3rd comment here but I could not pass this up! Truth is indeed stranger than fiction. This morning, by very strange coincidence, I came across a 2017 article about an out-of-work journalist preparing to take a job as a fact-checker at an outfit called There was something a bit odd about it, so he did a little digging. Turns out, this fact-check website was…. part of a cult(!!)

    And not just any old cult… it was part of NXIVM!!
    When you look at it through the eyes of the wayback machine, it looks reasonably legit:(except for the weird name of course):

    And the editor-in-chief, he seems to have bona fide journalist credentials: And he looks like a nice, friendly guy.

    People who are in cults often don’t know it. Maybe he didn’t know then, but I’m sure he knows now!

    Fact checkers themselves need to be checked very, very carefully. I don’t think there is a shortcut for this; we have to develop our powers of discernment. And sometimes, that is by getting burned by the bad guys.

    Enjoy this piece by the very discerning James Corbett, and by all means, DO THINK FOR YOURSELF!!

    And thank you, Sharyl, for the tremendous example you set for us all, as you pull at every thread.

      1. My husband and I are listening to your book, Slanted, WOW what a fascinating book! I’m amazed and astonished at what you had to go through. Your calm and courage are an inspiration to me. Love all the details and history of the fall of true/investigative journalism. It’s been going on for some time, but these past years have brought it to a boiling point. My personal comment about The NY Times, it was liberal (not in a positive way) trash back in the ’80’s. What’s happened to it now was just a matter of time. Keep up the great journalism job. Love to see you expand your show, writing, etc. Need more true journalists.

  2. Sharyl, copy my below 1995 essay to paper,
    as it might provide some ideas for writing
    a second book.

    You need not comment here; and nix it from
    your page for its excessive length.



    Who controls the news rules the mind;
    who controls entertainment rules the heart;
    who controls both rules the commonwealth.


    – Liberal Press and Hollywood –

    Public opinion is media-driven!

    Do you understand the dire consequences of that reality?

    It means that America’s course is determined by what the predominant liberal media and Hollywood want you to know and believe (( read my essays, “The Progressive Jew in ‘Weimar’ America” and “Novelists Tell Lies” )).

    When you read any history book and consider the horrendous savagery that has befallen nations making decisions based on wrong information, then the liberal media’s power is terrifying.

    Our citizen-driven republic is gravely
    dependent on getting the correct infor-
    mation – the truth – in order to effect
    good social policy, but because there
    is a radical media bias favoring the
    left-wing of the political spectrum,
    and because the Left is predominantly
    driven by EMOTION rather than REASON,
    America is in grave danger.

    Take this budget debate for example. Everyone agrees that balancing the federal budget relates to the very heart of America’s future economic survival. Representative James Longley recently went so far as to say on ABC’s Nightline that if we don’t get spending under control and balance the budget, America could experience an economic collapse “that would make the Great Depression look like a celebration.”

    Because Americans need the truth about
    issues relating to getting the budget
    balanced (( let alone the truth they
    need but don’t get about other issues,
    such as public education and immigration )),
    the media have a solemn responsibility
    to get the facts out there, so that
    citizens may draw informed conclusions
    and influence their congressmen,

    That’s not happening! And the nation is on the brink of great social upheaval because of it.

    The media continue distorting the news in favor of liberal Democrat Bill Clinton, “protecting” the public from his (( and her )) criminality (( political and financial )) and his unprecedented waffling on issues to get his poll numbers up.

    Liberal media bash Republicans at the slightest hint of impropriety (( such as demonizing Speaker Newt Gingrich for writing and selling a book )) while overlooking Democrats’ glaring criminality (( Whitewater crimes, Paula Jones’ case, and Clintons’ Arkansas drug-running connection )), not to mention how unrelenting Hollywood is in support of the liberal Democrats’ agenda, favorably propagandizing all liberal causes in TV sitcoms, movie productions, music, and in personal interviews. And when the public does shift away from liberal media’s favorite horses, when citizens begin seeing the truth through liberals’ clever biases, reporters only resort to the “pox on both their houses” ploy to try appearing somewhat balanced in their reporting.

    One may get near the truth today only by reading The Washington Times (( Unfortunately, some radical feminists are beginning to infiltrate there and block truth-telling )), and a few other conservative publications, or by listening to conservative talk-show hosts, such as Rush Limbaugh (( becoming more and more influenced by left-leaning neocons, such as Kemp and Bennett )).

    The odds are against the majority of
    citizens ever getting the truth on
    important issues on any given day,
    since the three major networks and
    CNN are liberal mouthpieces for
    Democrats’ political machine, and
    since the majority of journalists
    coming out of school are EMOTION-
    DRVEN, and keep feeding those
    liberal news organizations new
    blood—for keeping the liberal BIAS

    1) BIAS reflected in voice intonation, which clever manipulation may convey an opposition to the truth and prejudice the viewer against it (( examine former CBS anchor and closeted communist Walter Cronkite’s reporting on the Vietnam War – or CBS correspondent Peter Simon’s current reporting on the Palestinian/Israeli conflicts – as Communist-Leaning MSM/Conkrite had lied about U.S. losses during the NVA’s Tet Offensive, for it had been a TOTAL DEFEAT of NVA forces ));

    2) BIAS in selection of certain terms for the text of a story, which practice is gross and ubiquitous among major media (( examine liberal reporters’ use of “radical” and “extreme” for the right-wing but “moderate” and “centrist” for left-wing politicians ));

    3) BIAS in choice of pictorials, which clever selection may persuade viewers to reject the truth for the lie more than any other means of manipulation (( examine the editing of the Rodney King video to exclude King’s initial provocation; and note how Dear Abbey had supported King, until viewing the unedited video, seeing him violently attack those officers, and, then, writing a column condemning King for his behavior ));

    4) BIAS in the sequence for reporting of stories, and sequence of events within a story, which tack helps to bury stories that might injure liberal reporters’ favorite politicians (( minor stories about Republican foul-ups can be the lead story while major wrongdoing by Democrats might be long-delayed before any half-hearted report is made ));

    5) and BIAS in outright disregard for applicable facts and history, which common practice keeps the public ill-informed, and the republic gravely endangered (( examine reports of Republicans “starving the children” while they’re actually increasing funding for the school lunch program, or claims that there is real budget-cutting by Democrats when only the rate of increase in spending is being reduced )).

    EMOTION trumps REASON if the emotion is strong enough. And liberal media feed on emotion to sell their bias.

    Unfortunately for America, reporters’
    EMOTIONALITY is the same force
    (( in radical feminism )) driving liberal/
    libertine Democrats’ political machine,
    so that it’s a rare occasion when
    Democrats and major media don’t
    agree on social, cultural, political and
    economic issues.

    It’s for that reason I believe America is doomed, like so many societies before it, which were overcome by EMOTING FEMININE MIND—by emotion-driven, radical feminism (( read my essays, “Two Legs of the Same Wh_re,” “Emoting Women Vote and American Civilization Crumbles,” and “Maternalism”—as that ever-present GENDER GAP dooms the West! )).

    Unless there is found a way to shift
    journalism schools curricula toward a
    much more reason-based instruction
    (( getting at the truth in order to
    rationally analyze and deliver it ))
    and away from their attraction to
    emotional appeals (( how does it
    f-e-e-e-e-l ? )), then America has
    little chance of recovery.

    Whenever a reporter or commentator says “an opinion poll shows” this or that, remember that the poll they’re referencing doesn’t reflect so much a correctly informed public as a misinformed one; misinformed by what the liberal media and Hollywood have delivered–information invariably edited to present distortions or outright lies for supporting liberals’ agenda, like growing the welfare state and moving America toward Marxist/socialist principles.

    Who controls the news rules the mind;
    who controls entertainment rules the heart;
    who controls both rules the commonwealth.

    Therein is found the answer to why American civilization is doomed (( read my essay, “Restoration Revolution or Futile Posturing” )).

    Liberals control both the media and Hollywood; ergo, they control America’s social, cultural, and political course–except when their bias stands stark against the apparent truth, as when Reagan was elected over liberals’ attacks on him, and whose two-term presidency helped expose elite media for the lying liberal bastards that they are.


  3. How can a reporting organization be unbiased when its funders are?

    The Shorenstein Center has created a “misinformation center”:

    Information Disorder Lab

    The Information Disorder Lab (IDLab) was a project of the Shorenstein Center designed to identify, track, and analyze the spread of mis- and disinformation on the Internet in the lead-up to the 2018 Midterm Elections. They shared non-partisan, evidence-based research, including weekly briefings, reports, and webinars for U.S. newsrooms, internet platforms, academics and other interested stakeholders.

    The IDLab was funded by U.S. foundations: Craig Newmark Philanthropies, Ford Foundation, John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, and the Open Society Foundations.
    Once you click the link to their “reporting,” well, lookee here (from 2018):

    “Much of the election-related online disinformation we’ve monitored since the midterms has attacked specific candidates or election officials and promoted groundless claims of fraud in ways that may further weaken public trust in the electoral process itself. Tactics identified by the Information Disorder Lab include unfounded accusations of vote-stealing, machine tampering, finding votes, unspecified fraud and other challenges to the integrity of the balloting, especially in states with close races.”

    What will it take for these “reporters” to ever consider that things like this actually go on? Were they laying the ground in 2018 for what people were supposed to think in 2020? Gheesh. Can’t wait to read Slanted. One question that I’d love to see asked and asnwered over and over again: Why was Smith-Mundt amended to allow propaganda to be directed at Americans? Who was behind it, and what is the result?

    Our hallowed journalistic institutions are in tatters. And they’ve done it to themselves.

    all best,

    1. Shannon,

      For a deeper understanding
      study my note and report to
      Pat Buchanan :




      Study my 2005 report on what has
      been afoot for decades.

      Recall my letters to the Richmond, VA,
      newspapers in support of your run.

      Recall my “Build That Wall, Pat!”
      letter, for which you had sent to me a
      note of thanks.





      An Open Letter to Professor Walter E. Williams


      Other Somnambulistic Free-Traders on the Right

      Date: July 29, 2005

      Dear Professor Walter Williams,

      Re: the just-passed CAFTA treaty and its hidden purpose

      [[ To get to the crux of this letter, scroll down and begin reading below the double solid lines. ]]

      During your hosting of Rush Limbaugh’s radio show today, you covered the recent passage of CAFTA, giving your listeners your reason for supporting it, which reason was the traditional libertarian defense of individual freedom, and which freedom would include, say, allowing the U.S.-based merchants of McDonnell Douglas, Hughes Electronics and Loral Space and Communications to sell rocket technology to our enemy, Red China, so that she’s able to target U.S. cities with nuclear-tipped missiles from Chinese soil. Right, professor?

      Well, those free-traders did sell that dual-use technology to Red China, and, recently, its Peoples Liberation Army officers threatened America with a nuclear strike if she interfered with China’s claimed property, Taiwan.

      You, Rush Limbaugh and a host of other conservative-/libertarian-leaning rightists, too numerous to list here, are WEAK-MINDED on the subject of GATT-engendered “free trade” treaties, which have as their underlying purpose the establishment of what this scribbler terms, Global Economic Socialism—effected by THIRD-Way-hatched, ONE-WORLD-government machinations (explained below).

      Yes, I mean to give offense by using that term, “weak-minded,” as you and Rush and the rest of so-called “FREE-TRADERS” appear to be BLIND, but USEFUL!, dupes for the architects of Global Economic Socialism and one-world government.

      Or are you folks privy to the secret plan and supportive of it?


      You and Rush and the rest are wrong!, and you are either clueless about the underlying purpose of CAFTA, or you are agents for GLOBAL ECONOMIC SOCIALISM and ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT.

      In the past, you’ve used Rush’s term, “kooks,” to put down anyone who even hints at embracing the idea that a diabolical conspiracy exists to destroy Western democracies — particularly the U.S. because of its wealth and power — and to establish one-world government, but while you resolutely and contradictorily argue in defense of America’s constitutional RULE OF LAW!—as if you really cannot see any contradiction in touting trade agreements that DIRECTLY remove U.S. CONSTITUTIONAL AUTHORITY – that is, directly diminish America’s CONSTITUTION-PREMISED SOVEREIGNTY – and gravely alter U.S. CITIZENS’ social/cultural/political/financial life, which life the Founders and Framers had constitutionally sought to protect (I was just now overwhelmed by a sense of futility in trying to reach you and Rush, but I’ll continue).

      As we, and the rest of the world, become more and more steeped in the tyranny that those GLOBALIST-DRIVEN conspirators are applying day-by-day, you doubters and naysayers ought to be waking up about now.

      The evidence is too stark for you to ignore, professor—to keep on snoozing while America – the West – is being destroyed!

      But alas, it’s as if you and Rush and the rest have ABANDONED REASON FOR MADNESS, because the stark evidence was there for you folks to see several decades ago!

      This and so many other paleoconservative scribblers have tirelessly worked to sound the alarm, but to no avail (the recent loss of Dr. Samuel Francis was a stunner for my political camp).

      So this letter is a very tedious repetition for me, trying once again to wake-up you SOMNAMBULISTIC free-traders on the Right.


      – SNIP – , as Sharyl’s page won’t publish the full report.

  4. I’m about half-way through “Slanted,” and one passage just jumped out at me. It’s a statement from a NYT editor made at an August, 2019, staff meeting that became public: “Race in the next year . . . is going to be a huge part of the American story . . . How do we cover America that’s become so divided by Donald Trump? You are all going to have to help us shape that vision.”

    Fast forward to May, 2020, when a single incident of police malfeasance (the George Floyd incident) triggers not only national but international repercussions, leading to months of rioting nationwide; massive corporate donations to leftist causes; specious claims that America remains “institutionally racist” despite decades of aggressively anti-racist policies at all levels of government, academia, and in corporate America; cancellation of police-themed television shows; increased media censorship; and national breast-beating at every level, from corporate TV ads, to demonstrations during sporting events, and to endless resolutions, committees, and new government initiatives.

    I wondered as it all unfolded if there was some coordination to it all, how it all went off like clockwork, how it conveniently coincided with the run-up to the presidential election, and how the Dems seemed poised to profit from the chaos. Biden almost said us much, implying, “If you want the chaos to go away, vote for me.” And yet, after four months of leftist chaos, the media did not press Biden to denounce it, but for Trump to denounce “white supremacists,” who had largely been on the sidelines during most of it.

    So, was this largely planned and facilitated by the media? The NYT basically promised that race would be their big theme in that 2019 meeting, and most media follow the lead of the NYT.

  5. Sharyl,

    I’m still waiting for both my book and the bookplate. I’d love to read it, if I ever get it. I pre-ordered it months ago, it supposedly shipped 10 days ago. Haven’t heard a thing on the bookplate.

    I read your previous two books and they were very informative. I expect the same of Slanted, maybe I’ll find out if I ever receive my purchase and bookplate

    1. I apologize for the delay! I’m not sure where you ordered it from but please check with that outlet, as they will be the ones who know its status. I hope it didn’t get lost. The bookplates began getting sent by publisher in recent days. If you do not receive your bookplates in the next week or so I’m happy to send new copies so you have them pretty fast. Please write back if you need me to do that and we will brainstorm.

      1. Hi Sharyl,

        Thank you for the reply. Your book finally arrived and I’m more than half way through it and I’ve recommended it to others (as I have with Stonewalled and The Smear).

        An excellent and informative book

      2. I just finished reading “Slanted.” Excellent! I was particularly amazed ( saddened, enraged) by what you generously called “ Major Mistakes” committed by the biased news media. But, you promised a look at the ongoing list of such lies, distortions, deceptive editing, etc. o this web site. I can’t find it.

        GREAT book!

  6. I just finished Slanted. WOW!! What a complete train wreck our news companies have become. So glad you put this book together to let people know how they are being mislead by the Main Stream Media. Thanks!

  7. Sharyl,

    Your book rocks! The confirmation of what I have believed for years from an insider with your credentials is both great, and sad at the same time. Great because I can feel vindicated in what I have seen and thought, sad because it is true. Now, the opening of the dam by the MSM regarding Hunter Biden confirms what I believed the next step was going to be; getting rid of Joe Biden and ushering in the radicals.

    I’m listening on Audible, you did a great job on it!

    Merry Christmas

  8. Got your book, received your (or my) bookplate, Sharyl. I just want to say Thank you for all the hard work you put into these books, to help us understand more.

    Have a Merry and relaxed Christmas :)

  9. Congratulations,
    I just read this today, looks like the future of censorship is already here.
    Take care

    “Researchers say they can detect Twitter “disinformation” before a user even posts it” By Didi Rankovic – December 23
    Predicting and dealing with “pre thought crime” based on “a new algorithm developed by researchers from England’s University of Sheffield”. Here it is:
    “AI can predict Twitter users likely to spread disinformation before they do it”

  10. My husband and I are listening to your book, Slanted, WOW what a fascinating book! I’m amazed and astonished at what you had to go through. Your calm and courage are an inspiration to me. Love all the details and history of the fall of true/investigative journalism. It’s been going on for some time, but these past years have brought it to a boiling point. My personal comment about The NY Times, it was liberal (not in a positive way) trash back in the ’80’s. What’s happened to it now was just a matter of time. Keep up the great journalism job. Love to see you expand your show, writing, etc. Need more true journalists.

  11. Sheryl

    Just finished Slanted. This book should be mandatory reading for all journalism students. The best of all of your books. My wife doesn’t need to read it as I constantly was reading her passages.

    Thanks for the great read

  12. I have read all your books and just purchased Slanted.. You are one of the most courages journalists in existence. Somehow you navigate the swamp/cesspool/slime of DC and media with forthright integrity and affable presentation. It is so refreshing to see someone stand up to the caitiff brigands of politics, government and the theater of forgers that are the MSM. . Please keep writing and exposing the fraud.

  13. I just finished reading Stonewalled, The Smear and Slanted, The work you are doing is so important to the US right now. I have suspected fraud in the news for years but never saw any valid verification. As I read the book I worry terribly about where the country is going to end up with the new administration in Washington DC. I believe Biden/Harris are both evil and set to destroy our democracy. Please continue your work to educate the people. .

  14. Thank you Sharyl. I couldn’t put your book down! It’s a must read for everyone. Bless you for your work.
    I read it a few weeks after reading Dr Marc Siegel’s book published in 2005 “False alarm; The Truth About the Epidemic of Fear”. Fits together perfectly with your book.
    I guess I “opened my eyes” when I realized that there was so much vitriol in the media up here in Canada about President Trump. I felt sick about the tiny snippets that were used to project a negative narrative everywhere I turned…that’s when I started to get suspicious about a lot of things and started digging….Oh, what a journey this has been!

  15. Sharyl: Some members of my family have a small book club going. Your book Slanted was selected (NOT by me) for this month. Having read many of your past articles, I was pleased by that choice. I just finished Slanted and would like to compliment you on a well-written and important work for our current times. I have been trying to warn my extended family members for some time about the increasing bias in the mainstream media. Perhaps now, with the support of your book, at least those in our book club will be persuaded of this truth.

    You probably already know about this, but I think I detected a mistaken date in the reference on page 251 to President Bill Clinton’s visit to Bosnia on December 22, 2007. I believe the correct year would be 1997.

  16. Sharyl,

    Just completed “Slanted”.
    Great read and balanced. Love the stories and how “ The Narrative” works.
    The end of the book , you give us quick ,factual snippets on the news reporting errors over the time frame of ‘ 16 to June ‘20. Very good!
    I have many friends who I’ve told to add to reading list as it’s current and up to date.

    I often listen to a story or coverage on Fox, then switch to CNN, MSNBC to see how they report or do not report the same story. It’s shocking to see how the news organizations twist the facts. Good example today was the GOP news conference from the Texas border.



  17. Dear Mrs. Attkisson,
    Thank you for publishing this important book. I ordered my copies through Premiere Collectibles and Amazon and have so thoroughly enjoyed following your thinking and evaluations, I have been reading one copy again and marking it up again and further.
    There have been several excellent books on this subject but Slanted is the best since Edith Efron published The News Twisters and How CBS Tried to Kill a Book.
    You are to be saluted.

    Thank you,

  18. My wife and enjoy watching our show “Full Measure” every Sunday. You always have an interesting view on your subject that makes us think, thank you. But your comments on the OIL INDUSTRY was not very thorough. Here are three questions that can shade some light on our oil problems : 1) what deal did Nixon make with the oil cartels (US oil companies) that moved them from millionaires to billionaires. 2) what happened to all the oil from Alaska, Montana, the Dakotas, we know none of this oil is being sold domestically, 3) the administration in 2019 made a statement that “there is more oil under west Texas than this country can consume in a 100 years”, if this is so why are we building a pipeline from Canada to East Texas, why we still importing expensive foreign oil, and where is all our cheap domestic oil going. Can you find the answers. I am looking forward to hearing what you find out.

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