The coronavirus study the world has been waiting for

One forward-thinking scientist and his team have already started testing U.S. populations for Covid-19 antibodies to see how many people have already had it with no symptoms.

This information is critical. It will help scientists calculate the very first accurate death rate for coronavirus as well as give us a hint as to how safe it is for large groups of people to go back to living their lives normally.

Meet Stanford’s Dr. Jay Bhattacharya and hear about his studies that the world is waiting for– Sunday on Full Measure.

Also Sunday, we’ll ask the question: how much stress can our Internet take? FCC chairman Ajit Pai will explain why Europe has had to dial back to keep its Internet from crashing, and what our outlook is here in the U.S.

An experienced defender of the secretive FISA court, George Kroner, will make the case for why he thinks the system should be left alone despite news of serious FBI abuses in wiretapping U.S. citizens.

And how California’s wildfires, sparked by the utility PG&E, are changing the shape of where residents can rebuild.

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