The NYT just corrected its false article about me. What it says about today’s media environment.

The New York Times just corrected its false article about me. What the incident says about today’s media environment.

We also discuss the evolving recommendations about coronavirus masks.
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10 thoughts on “The NYT just corrected its false article about me. What it says about today’s media environment.”

  1. It is hard to believe how low the NYT has fallen. They used to report the news, and keep their opinions on the editorial page. Now the editorials are on page 1 above the fold. And as usual, when they screw up and have to print a correction, it is invariably buried deep in an article where it might not be read.

    1. I agree, Arthur. The NYT is just a rag, and badly written and edited one, at that. It’s too bad Bill Safire isn’t still around. He’d be having a field day with all of its errors and quasi-literate writing glitches.

    2. It is more a matter of how high our individual awarenesses have become than how low they have fallen. The more people blindly believe everything the media tells them, the less the media needs to appear accurate and unbiased. The more screen time they get, the more hypnotised the sheeple become.

    3. When was that?
      Most appalling, slanderous, libelous and retractions are rarely read.
      The only reason NYers read the Times was because of their crossword puzzle—;)

  2. The ending was spot on. Tell the truth and keep it in context or we will distrust all the information. People who know the truth MUST have the courage to speak up, for all our sakes. The Chinese doctor will always be known as a hero, despite his fear of the Communist Gov’t. Have we let our country become like China, where the truth is what “they” say it is?

  3. Thomas Joseph Hussman

    The Minneapolis newspaper known as the Red Star brutally lied about me regarding the arrest of Joseph leslie Geror for a string of Aggravated Robberies that involved firing his gun and taking hostages. The following day, my name was dragged through the mud by the national media, blatantly accusing me of assault. Mr. Geror was taken to the local General hospital within an hour of his arrest. The ER doctor wrote about his examination saying Mr. Geror was faking. No marks, no blood – No Evidence. If I had beaten Mr. Geror, believe me, the doctor would have found evidence, but there was none. The Minneapolis Star Tribune should print their alleged evidence or make a retraction. They won’t do it because an admission of this kind would open a significant amount of exposure and they would have to pay me for ruining my family and my life.

  4. After seeing your response to the NY Times correction, I went back to listen to your 13Mar20 podcast. It shows how out-of-touch you were with the characteristics of a pandemic. Your downplaying at that time, along with our brilliant president and the other brilliant senators, of the seriousness of this disease has contributed to many ignoring the gravity of our situation and has lead to many unnecessary deaths. Your claim to be a non-partisan reporter is unsubstantiated. You are clearly a voice of the right.

  5. Jeffery Wayne Tartt

    Sharyl, I’m very pleased to see you continue your fight against “Them”. I guess some people would read my comment and gander at the word “Them” and dismiss me as just another conspiracy theorist, kool-aid drinker, nut. As you well know, those people would be wrong. What we are watching play out here in our country is unforgivable. At 58, I grew up listening to politicians, news organizations, school grades K-12, colleges, textbooks, etc. pound in our heads how corrupt other countries and their leaders were. How we were FORTUNATE to have been born in a “Free” country. I think they forgot to list the number one in their top ten unacceptable countries. I am very thankful I was born and live in America, but it reminds me of an old riddle, joke, whatever word applies, back when I was a child. It went something like this. “Always remember when you point your finger at someone, the other ones are pointing back at you”. Good luck Sharyl and keep up the great work!

  6. Sharyl: You are a warrior for truth. Unfortunately, we live in an age where so many people with an agenda are kicking up so much dust that obfuscation has become the prevailing force in the commerce of information. So many people work so hard to confuse us all that the public can’t be faulted for failing to understand. The truth has become politicized and monetized — everyone who has vested with power or money has a parallel investment in the public’s believing what they want them to believe. Whether it comes to pharmaceuticals, vaccinations, fossil fuels, big agriculture, the chemical industry, the tobacco industry, the health insurance industry and many other industries that feed off off of the spin of public relations, the issues as reported in the money-tainted media are sure to be misrepresented or, as you say in your book, “slanted”. Many of us are glad to have you out there fighting for the truth and many of us are warriors as well, but the ability of the moneyed and powerful to obfuscate is great and hard to resist. Unfortunately for the opponents of truth, they have one massive and unavoidable enemy that will eventually bring them to their knees, although not after they have succeeded in doing great harm. This enemy is themselves. They are building a huge edifice on the weak foundation of falsehood, and as they build it higher and higher, it will begin to totter and collapse under its own weight. How I can’t say. Fighting truth is fighting nature, and nature always wins in the end. Nature will have the last laugh. Perhaps it is right now.

  7. Thank you for honest reporting.
    I’m looking for reliable sources.
    I think I can trust you.
    Bless you in your work.
    Steve Birkholz

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