“Trump calls you fake news. Don’t make him be right.” — Bill Maher

The following is a news analysis.

Slanted reporters and outlets, such as the New York Times’s Jeremy Peters and Carolyn Ryan; Vanity Fair, and Facebook have worked hard to controversialize and bully certain journalists and scientists reporting factually on coronavirus, and asking rational questions.

It has made it difficult to get reasoned, factual information, at times. As far as some media outlets are concerned, only worst case scenario discussions are to be permitted, even if they are proving wildly wrong.

Now, the far left host of HBO’s “Real Time,” Bill Maher, is calling on the carpet much of the media coverage– including that generated by left-leaning publications.

Among other comments, Maher refers to “panic porn,” says “Don’t hope shame me,” “What the F– is ‘terrifying’ doing in a headline?” “You don’t have to put hot sauce on a jalapeño” and “Giving a proper perspective isn’t a cover up of the truth; it is the truth.”

And finally, “Trump calls you fake news. Don’t make him be right.”

Watch a segment from Maher below:

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3 thoughts on ““Trump calls you fake news. Don’t make him be right.” — Bill Maher”

  1. Sharyl: somewhere there is a comment from Jeff Zucker where he announced that CNN was switching from News to infotainment. I recall it being made but it seems. like the pics of Bill and Epstein, or Bill and his cigar, to have been scrubbed.
    The constitution guarantees press freedom from Government control, but it does not guarantee freedom from scrutiny, nor is it above the law, in theory. In practice, the media, the DNC, the DoJ and the secret police are all above the law.
    By the way, the sainted Bill Gates is all over the media trying to sell us on his vaccination program. The man is shameless – his Common Core program has created a generation of innumerate Americans, his Microsoft Corporation is an exploitative monopoly, and his foundation is a tax-sheltered vehicle for spreading disease and poverty (ie by preventing the use of DDT to eradicate mosquitos) so that they can “come to the rescue”. How many millions of lives has this man blighted?

  2. I’m sorry, but Bill Maher is not far left. He has a firm liberal worldview, but he frequently insists on the truth. That characteristic is always absent from anyone who is actually on the far left.

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